Crypto Revolution

This year has been great so far for Bitcoin, our group Bitcuners have kept on with the DASH proposal and got it succesfully renewed for another 3 months. The price of DASH went sky high and our podcast has been picking up more viewers.

I hope my writting has been better lately because now I am an editor of a popular Bitcoin news site. Doing work for the news site has eat a lot of my blogging time, however, the reward of having such a great platform on a topic I love, has got me so happy.

Our cryptocurrency group has grown well beyond it’s infrastructure (space) and we should be looking for a larger platform. We have been pushing our group on social networks such as FB and Youtube and we would be able to gain more viewers.

Bitcuners at Starbucks in Cancun MX

Hope we can keep growing into events and accesibility for everyone in the market. Here are some videos that we were able to shoot during the meetup, people enjoying their time and also interacting and learning.


Few minutes to 2016 a quick talk about Bitcoin

So before 2016 arrives, I want to share the conference I did just a couple of days back in my hometown. The talk was on Bitcoin and the Blockchain. The talk was organized quickly and I was a bit nervous the people or the venue wouldn’t be optimal for the talk. In the end things did went through but not exactly perfect.

I decided to create some new slides for my presentation. However, many images where just not done. This made it even more difficult as the time of my conference approached. I was nervous and I really wanted to have enough information without leaving it out without much content on it.

In the end I decided to settle and thought it was good enough and most people will ‘get’ the images as well as the content. Things seemed to be set, however upon arrival, I started experiencing issues with the projector. My screen didn’t come in, and after many tries I decided to give up and end up giving the talk with no slides.

Although scary I thought I knew enough on the topic to make sense without getting trap into a corner. This also gave me more focus on what I said and the way I say it. Which end up being a blessing in the sky. The mental track of the topics I was mentioning were awesome and in the end I got to cover a lot of ground with so little time. I’ll share some of the pictures taken during the talk and the video itself of the talk.

During the conference about Bitcoin and the blockchain


The Volabit Bitcoin Card

So yesterday I finally got my first bitcoin card. The issue is that is not really a bitcoin card and it doesn’t really add value to the disposal of bitcoins. Biggest issue is that is not even linked to the bitcoin wallet so you can’t really deduct from it. Is also not possible to top up the card 24/7 like I thought I would and finally the interface from the wallet carrier doesn’t really focus enough on the card.

My volabit card arrived this morning.
My volabit card arrived this morning.

Let see if the SatoshiTango card which I order last week goes any better.

Bitcoin research


This week a friend contact me regarding Bitcoins and a new opportunity. Last month I gave a talk that included bitcoin and lately I have heard that the value was returning to bitcoin and the ecosystem has grown since the last time I was following it.

Doing some research I came across a Bitcoin podcast called The Bitcoin Show, with Bruce Wagner. The show had a lot of content, and I think is exciting to see that the economy around it and the services are growing by the bit.

There has also been some bad news including the sinking of Bitconica one of the very first bitcoin trading platforms. It’s wiki profile say:

Was an online service that enabled leveraged speculation in its contract-for-difference (CFD) market against the Bitcoin to USD (BTC/USD) exchange rate.

There also has been a lot of new bitcoin resources like Bitcoin Magazine which is a real magazine in the US with digital issues and also good web portal explaining stories about Bitcoin.

Services like Bitcoin ventures which is an investor association for Bitcoin services. These services will enable grow the total ammount of services in the netsphere and maybe close the gap between digital currency and real currency.

I still need to look for more bitcoin services in Mexico which means that there could be a lot of opportunities giving the unaparent sphere of services. Then expand the propositon to latin-american services and eventually global services of bitcoins which are also the most aparent.

MtGrox is one of the many iconic companies of the Bitcoin revolution, located in Japan, Mt Grox is the premier reference for bitcoin exchanges and some Bitcoin events like conferences have already been held in New York City last year which a huge turn around.

Bit-Pay, is a payment processing which acts like a mall type of centralized portal for products and services. They have mobile apps, and also other type of services.

Bitcoinme is also a good blog about bitcoin althought like some of the other blogs I have seen, they are a bit outdated. But most of the information applies.

I hope to report some of the services that would come from Bitcoin as it evolves.