The success of indie culture

A recent meetup I was able to have a discussion about the aparent change that never happened. Just like many years ago, teachers thought that the future computers will help kids around the world learn, I thought that people will come together and create more agile communities. These communities will be global and interconnected. I was thinking on having my group of friends from different parts of the planet and be able to hang out in virtual environments communicating and creating. 

I was actually able to pull that off, but at the same time, I thought these was going on with everyone that touch the internet. However talking with my ‘geeks’ friends I found that this reality is far from being achieved. Being able to talk to 17yr olders and 20 year olders, I found out that the status quo has been kept. 

Most people still listen to mainstream music, and even more, they have very little indie music artists that were self discovered by them.

My question is simple, what happned with the internet revolution? Sure old companies have invested a lot of money into the internet to become relevant and Youtube has been prevalent among young people. However, the way music has been shaped with different rules other than music which make commercial artists compete on different arenas than music. From Music production to artists beauty, indie artists not only have to be talented but also very ‘camera friendly’ and have a good production knowledge to manufacture a good video on youtube.