LeBron mini vacations during the playoffs

So the Cavs have swept and the NBA playoffs will go into a mini-break since there wont be any more games from the King the rest of the week which is pretty boring, but also good since I will be able to focus on other things.

One big thing a lot of people are commenting is that the lack of defense from the Cavs could become an issue on the finals. However I think that’s just something to pick on since it doesn’t seem to be anything else to critique. Having to critique wins is also something that I think it happened last year. Where all the games versus the Detroit Pistons were pretty close

King James in action

Fortunately this time around the media will get on a critique exhaustion and will find something new to talk about and let the Cavs play their game throughout the Eastern conference playoffs. Is still early on the season and if the Cavs sweep again the Raptor then it might start becoming something of a front to the excitement of the NBA in May.

So for all the rants and raves of the regular season about rest, he will have plenty between series since he doesn’t seem to stop from sweeping people.

Where to get your NBA Fix?

I have been following plenty of podcasts and Youtube shows, I recommend a few:

  • TrueHoop
  • Jalen and Jacoby
  • NBA Lockdown
  • The Jump

Most of the time I am getting the video version on youtube, from the Jalen and Jacoby channel as well as NBA Life.

So feel free to browse through Youtube and enjoy some good sport TV on demand.

Playoff are here now!!!

So yesterday was the first day of the **NBA Playoff**, and a a lot of series came up with unpredictable outcomes. Specially the Raptors and the Clippers. Even the Cleveland game was a close call for the defending champs, but let’s be real. Will any people really think Cleveland will be handicapped against the Pacers, Raptors or Celtics?
Cleveland is Deep and sure there is no Schumper on the floor and also no pesky Deli twisting people’s ankles and knees to get the ball. However the magnificense of King James will really show up when he shuts down the other team star, whenever is Paul George, Isaiah Thomas or DeRozan.

On the other side however, the LA Clippers are a disgrace to the NBA.

<blockquote>”Clips gonna Clip”</blockquote>

And they don’t seem to disapoint, they trash a game that had no star on the opposite team with a relative healthy roster and still manage to loose.

## Looking forward
We have a lot of matchups going on on the first round my picks are the following:

1. Bulls vs Celtics – Celtics
2. Cavaliers vs Pacers – Cavs
3. Raptors vs Bucks – Raptors
4. Wizards vs Hawks – Wizards

and the west

1. Warriors vs Blazers – Warriors
2. Spurs vs Grizzlies – Spurs
3. Rockets vs Thunders – Rockets
4. Clippers vs Jazz – Jazz

Of course the big if are Clips and Raptors, which are currently shooked but I think they can bounce back.

Crypto Revolution

This year has been great so far for Bitcoin, our group Bitcuners have kept on with the DASH proposal and got it succesfully renewed for another 3 months. The price of DASH went sky high and our podcast has been picking up more viewers.

I hope my writting has been better lately because now I am an editor of a popular Bitcoin news site. Doing work for the news site has eat a lot of my blogging time, however, the reward of having such a great platform on a topic I love, has got me so happy.

Our cryptocurrency group has grown well beyond it’s infrastructure (space) and we should be looking for a larger platform. We have been pushing our group on social networks such as FB and Youtube and we would be able to gain more viewers.

Bitcuners at Starbucks in Cancun MX

Hope we can keep growing into events and accesibility for everyone in the market. Here are some videos that we were able to shoot during the meetup, people enjoying their time and also interacting and learning.

My introduction to Solarpunk

It seems I am gaining a lot of interest in solar. The topic has always facinated me, mainly because it seems so simple, yet so difficult and foreign. How come something as simple as putting some cells on the rooftops will lower our killer power bill.

Living in a hot land, things like A/C are vital to our living standards. I’m used to sleep with A/C on all night, internet, and computers running 24/7, as a coder, they run specially during the night.

My family house used around 2.5 kw/h own a rather medium sized pool and also had up to 5 vehiecles. I imagined our carboon footprint was a large as it could be. No we didn’t had a private jet or travel every other week, but we did had a great deal of vacationing, a large office, and a large payroll.

And no is not to brag, but to actually make sense how can this or other families could afford to mantain their lifestyle entirely on the sun.

Sure we did had land, unocuppied land and even a ranch and with some great creditline we could have foster our own little power plant that could not only be enough for us but for maybe even the whole block.

We might have not have had the engineering expertise but being a civil engineer, this knowledge could have been acquired rather easily. Not just that, but it could have been good for business, generating hydropower was one way we were already making money, a solar plant could have been something unique that could have made us even more money.

But let’s do the math? How exactly is solar affordable not just now but back in the 80s/90s?

Right now the math goes like this:

400dls x 1kw/day panel plus inverter and wiring. To get our solar juice around 2 panels would have been an 800 dls investment.

I would love to get into the economics of it all, but I think this vary greatly because of the lack of knowledge for building such things nationally. Having to import everything put a high tax on the implementation, and this makes it hard to be able to get things straighten up.

Researching solar, I have come across facinating things. One of the experiments I remember well is how to harvest energy even from a light post many miles away enough to at least spin a small wheel.

Another was about the way it was rather easy to build solar panels from garbage.

Finally I learn how the history of the world could have greatly changed to a solar reality if some experiments would have gone well back in the early 1900s.

So now, thanks to random events I am getting back into solar once again and I hope this time I would be able to get things finalized into true solar benefit.

Start investing your internet time on research

Yesterday I had a friend coming over and have a serious discussion about the way people view the internet, and even if we know we have the worlds knowledge at a few click reach, most people refuse to make use of it to connect with the knowledge they really lack.
I think even in an age of apparent information overload, there is still a lot of people cognitively disconnected from it. We should try to start connecting our search skills to the current information we are lacking in our lives and start connecting to the information pools that are actually valuable in our lives.

Making this happen is more about discipline than money, or speed of your internet or even your technical knowledge. The basics of searching is really just a mind map of words that you can sometimes, even, randomly spew at the search bar and will often come up with the right answer. If your phone is not that old you could even dictate the query to it.

The important thing is that when you are in doubt your brain will be hardwired to search those terms.

The next step is learning the value of links, sure some people are very anal about their bookmarks, I am kind of the opposite. I seldom bookmark sites, but on the flip side I live with a 10000 tabs open just to make sure I am able to go back to where I was.

The next thing is really to read but also give back, a two-way conversation is better than just reading, for that you will need to type. Getting in touch with people on the internet is rather simple. Just look for their twitter, Facebook or email account and more often than none, you will get a reply.

Social searching is incredibly powerful, specially if your search is about a current event, or something that is becoming big in the news.

Youtube is also an alternative way of searching, if you are not the reading type, a video might be the way to go. Conferences, talks, discussions opinions, or even vblogs.

So next time you want to learn about something, just do that, it doesn’t really take that long come up with a whole bunch of material.