FLISOL all over

FLISOL event is happening in late April but we are already at full speed recruting, looking for sponsors and promoters and setting up an even better event from last year. 2011 was great for the FLISOL movement in Mexico, and this year I hope it gets even better.

First of, we did a decent job documenting the event, making database of visitors and getting contacts from newspapers and shows. We also got some visibility online and also some recognition, so is a good time to build on a next level of recognition closer to the mainstream.

This year we have a stronger relationship with a few more companies and we are growing. We hope to have even more partners than last year. And I hope we are able to acomplish more on less time. We also have more time with some universities from the locality and potentially a better fit team to create events.

So we are looking for this edition to be bigger, greater and more to the point of what people really are looking for. We are compiling a CD full of Videos that users can take home and maybe even a software packages that explain the creation and use of open source software.

However this is not enough, we are looking for next year also as an opportunity to kick start new developments with budgets and more strong relationship with the different locations across the country. We want to launch an initiative to get federal funds for innovation and put it into next year event across the country, giving it more visibility and a relationship with innovation that can start getting some legs.

I hope we can do this with the help of some of the open source activist that I know through the years. Happy FLISOL and keep hacking and moving.