Raekwon Talks F.I.L.A., Wu-Tang Clan Reunion & Beef With RZA [EXCLUSIVE]

I cant wait on that F.I.L.A. to drop as well as that Purple Tape documentary.

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RaekwonThe Chef  of the legendary group Wu-Tang Clan rolled through Baltimore promoting the F.I.L.A. anniversary and to share his excitement of reuniting with his hip hop family. iiKane touched on a number of topics with The Chef including the upcoming Wu-Tang tour, his very public beef with RZA and more. Check out this exclusive interview:


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Raekwon Sat With ODB’s Body With Son After Dirty’s Death [EXCLUSIVE]

Wu-Tang Clan Member Confirms 20th Anniversary Album

Justin Bieber ?F**ks Wit? Wu-Tang On Kanye & Raekwon Remix

Raekwon Lists Top Five Rappers Dead Or Alive [VIDEO]

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GFK does an AMA

Oh yeah, Ghost is the man.
The 36 Seasons/A Better tomorrow combo is what makes the Wu-Tang so strong. Crazy material for everyone to dissect. Not to mention that BadBadNotGood collabo.

bundown dot com

Ghostface Killah (@ghostfacekillah) did an AMA earlier today.


Obviously promoting two albums, 36 Seasons and A Better Tomorrow, took the time to hit up Reddit and field some questions.

Catch the transcript.

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March Madness: Cavs Rolling Towards Playoffs

Today’s game was special, from Kyrie and JR crazy shots, to LeBron power drive between Gasol and Noah. I think Cavs are sending a strong message that they are coming together into an amazing championship ready team.
That streak since LeBron comeback is really something when you add that the Cavs have still to work on more plays for all their pieces, specially Kevin Love. Love can certainly give so much more rebounds and post up moves to make the team solid when the game slow down. Something better than just seen Kyrie and LBJ going iso all the time.


Since returning from the All-Star break, the Cavaliers have lived up to the expectations that were put on them at the beginning of the season. The Cavs have been dominate since January 15, posting a league best 24-5 record. Cleveland’s success has largely been due to the trades for J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Timofey Mozgov. The brilliant play of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James has also been key during the Cavaliers run.

The Cavs have been hard to beat at home, winning 13 straight at The Q. However, Cleveland’s toughest challenge of the second half of the season has been it’s grueling road schedule. The Cavs have had to play of 10 out of the 13 games since the All-Star break on the road. They have proven to be road warriors by notching huge wins in Washington, Toronto, Dallas, and San Antonio. The Cavaliers wrap up a four game road trip…

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Step by Step Guide on Setting Up git Server in Arch Linux (pushable)

I will soon need this for my vps.


Warning: This guide will create a git server readable/writable by everyone. That is no user/authentication control

# Login as root
pacman -S git

# If you want to push to the repository, do the following (2 steps).
vi /usr/lib/systemd/system/git-daemon@.service
# Append –enable=receive-pack to the line of ExecStart

systemctl start git-daemon.socket

# If you want the git server starts on every reboot, do the following step
systemctl enable git-daemon.socket

cd /srv
mkdir git
chown git:git git
cd git

# Create a repository named project1.git
git –bare init project1.git
chown -R git:git project1.git

# at the working station (can be linux or windows machine), not root is required
# cd to your project base folder and clone the project1.git to local folder
cd /projects
git clone git://git_server_hostname_or_ipaddress/prject1.git cloned_project1
cd cloned_project1
git push origin master
# Now, you can do anything to the project (E.g. create a file file1.txt)
vi file1.txt
git commit…

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How do Bitcoin Debit Cards Work?

I always wanted to get a Bitcoin card, although more and more the app might be the best option, still think that many business will ask for plastic first. Is there a way to change this trend?


One of the newer developments in the bitcoin industry is the introduction of bitcoin debit cards, which aims to revolutionize day-to-day transactions. It functions as a typical debit card with an amount already stored and payments can be made by deducting from the balance.

Several companies such as BitPlastic and Xapo offer bitcoin debit cards, which allow clients to convert bitcoin to cash and withdraw from terminals. It also allows the owner to accept bitcoin payments using the QR code on the card.

BitPlastic vs. Xapo

Reviewing these two companies offering bitcoin debit cards shows that this kind of payment does offer a lot of convenience. With this kind of debit card, one can withdraw funds anonymously and securely, with the blockchain ledger keeping track of transactions. This requires no ID check and can be easily integrated with an existing bitcoin wallet.

how does Bitcoin debit card work newbstc

BitPlastic offers a bitcoin to Paypal exchange, which it claims…

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Smart Property in Action

We had this discussion not so long ago on my weekly meetups about how to buy and sell real state in Mexico legally with bitcoins. Unfortunately the legal framework is pretty bleak because of the high taxes and control of the processes when it comes to having public notaries deal with it.


Smart property is to deeds as Bitcoin is to money. In the same way that Bitcoin revolutionized the concept of currency, smart property revolutionizes the concept of ownership, removing the need for a central authority to say who owns what. Our system of ownership is just one in a growing line of things to be decentralized, but will inevitably be among the most important. The question is, how can we enforce such a system without the firepower backing modern courts?

For those of you still trying to grasp this idea, it’s helpful to remember that bitcoins are not actually things: Bitcoin is a decentralized system for deciding who has how much money, and bitcoins are the unit of measurement it uses–they reside nowhere except the imagination of Bitcoin’s users. Just like traditional ledgers of account, however, the blockchain can be adapted to track who has what assets and property. This is being…

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