First weeks in cancun, entrepreneurship and social network

It’s been a couple of weeks since I moved to cancun and things have been going quite well. I find myself with time for myself without restrictions. It also has clear my mind to think about the things I have been trying to do for quite a while.

I need to concentrate and practice my developer skills and start having a real focused mind on achieving my short and medium term goals on the FLOSS end as well as on the entrepreneurship side.

I also need to find a good way to reconnect socially and productivewise with local enterprises and perform well. I hope to do whatever is possible around the inmediate future and excel on some of the lagged work that needs to be taking care off like the certification material and the release of other materials that can work with other projects.

Cancun is a great place run things and the landfield is clear to enterprise new things.

Recently I watched social network, a movie than far from annoying me it inspire me about the way that enterprises get done. From great hacking to VC connections in california make the dreams of making lots of money. I dunno if it was the instant plug of projects like Mozilla, KDE, Python, Apache, Perl, MySQL and PHP.


The futureā€¦ Entrpreneurship in Mexico

This is the second post from the event this week about web 2.0, new media and entrpreneurship in my hometown. The great thing I took from this event was the grounded view of the environment. The innovation was not just some pie in the sky but they wanted to challenge the audience for real. Something that I seldomly see on the FLOSS events, something to challenge the mind of the n00bs but also put it clear on paper. Tell them to be active and do something, the best idea at least on this event was a hack-a-ton which even if it fails producing a good generation of apps developers this weekend. But the point is that they tried and even if they end up frustrated it could encourage them to try again and shape their criteria moving forward.
So things about entrepreneurship in Mexico is that is not only about what happens in the US. You still have to fight bureacracy, bad infrastructure, and just not a place designed to build corporations. However those are the question that you usually seek answers about on these events and documenting the answers about these virtual organizations and constitutions.
The event in general still struggled to address about how to monetize in Mexico. How to move money around and also raise capital on the internet. Not much mentions of monetization models versus growth based companies.

Live from El Futuro 2010 in my hometown

Today was a day that many in my hometown were waiting for many days. The event enterprise by a friend called ‘el futuro’ but regardless of the odd name, it included great entrepreneurs with good explanation of what this social media and social marketing is all about. New services and solve problems and get rich while doing it. Even thought it still isn’t a proven model for many, for many others it has definitely generated wealth to some.

So the talks were pretty good with good data, things about the Internet economy in Mexico and other related markets like South America and Spain. The consumption is actually pretty good in Mexico and the potential market is actually there. However the Internet economics work interest ways and many people still see many reservation between the web society and the traditional society.