WebApps for Games

So now I am designing the INGOT club and it seems like a really nice task to do however it is very time consuming and lately I have been getting really into the development of a new website. I think that Otto’s club will need of an artistic view from my part. Otto is not an easy character and re-designing it is even harder.

So far I have been able to do something about the new Otto but generating new graphics is indeed a hassle. Another thing I need to do is look for Java Applets that will run games for young kids.

Fortunately google will give me some answers but I am really lookin for alternatives to avoid using flash and still provide a nice level of interactivity.


No talk with my gf

After the brilliant day yesterday there were some stuff I didn’t like tht much. The main one being that I couldn’t talked to irina.

It was messed up because since I want to wire my room, I missed her skype call. By the time I wanted to talk to her she was busy and then she got disconnected without a chance to come back.

So I called her late night and I could actually get in touch with her but of course was through regular line light and I couldnt talk to her so much. I really wish we could get some talking tomorrow.

Away from that, my toe still in badly shape, I finally went to the doctor just to realize that the toe was even more messed up that what I originally thought. I went to the chiropodist with no luck and had to send me back for another session of sensless pain on Monday, however I think I wont make it since I will be going to OOoCon and I think I should be in top shape.

PyXray Works

Today I have a great day for development and also a crappy day for development. The good thing is that I got my INGOT site pretty advanced. The bad thing is that my mandrake laptop is giving me drama by taking ages to boot. It seems there are some problems with some modules.

Another great thing is that I got PyXray to run. This is great news even if you don’t even know what is is.

PyXray is a program to ease the use of learning the UNO API from OpenOffice.org, This are great news specially when you are triying to become more knowledgable about Python and other tools.

For a substantial amount of time, I have wanted to become a more serious developer. I know a lot of really great hackers and I think the logical step will be for me to become one.

So no more waits, please admire my PyXray.


PyXray is a program to work as JavaDoc and get the UNO interface better understood.

Bloody Toe

So my toe still fucked up but I finally got to a real country where they have presumably real doctors. I am very incline into having my nail NOT removed but just acomodate it however yesterday was a real painful experience as the doctor could not get that nail out of my toe and I end up with a semi messed up nail.

Since he really tried he messed up even more sending me home with a badly bloody toe. Even though this is was so painful it ain’t funny anymore.

Taking OOo to the fullest

A very interesting discussion happened today when which made me think to what degree should we push FLOSS. Recently I got into the mood of writing for a national newspaper. Thanks to a friend that have been keen into free software but from an open source point of view. He still struggle separating difference between freedom and technical advantage.

A good example ocurred to me when I was in Cambridge and a coffee house sold coffee that was carefully monitorise during it’s process. This meant that the company personally assures that the coffee was produced by workers who were correctly payed and treated.

This mean that this coffee house was socially responsible, and even if the coffee was more expensive many people preffered this one than the rest of the cofee houses.

So back to the story, I have my editor who still doesn’t use OpenOffice.org so when I send him my opendocuments, the editor couldn’t see them until he reached his home computer. Unfortunately he didn’t told me if he could or couldn’t use OpenOffice.org at work so I invite him to download openoffice.org.

Later that day my friend came back to them saying that why I didn’t send him a word or PDF document. My answer was that he could download OpenOffice.org for free and do the actual work. Again my friend totally missunderstood my position.

So the moral of the story is this, distributing proprietary formats is not the same to misstreat employees. But there is a certain links that are the same for a Free software advocate. If we push people to use FLOSS products even if it’s just to talkt o us, then they might even embrace it. However we could play the risk of being seing as zealots who force the users to be free.

Nobody wants to be forced, even to be free. Sometimes even feel like you are freeing a house nigga who just love to live in the big house and have no reason to leave and start from scratch.

I will probably take OOo to the fullest even if zealoth JZA becomes my new name, but acknowledge is important to push my ideals without sacrificing the ettiquete.

For my friend, I really wish him luck on his struggle to accept freedom above the mere tangible value. Unfortunately engineers are world famous to be practical tangible and not believe in non-pragmatic ideals.

Like Eric Raymond will say:

the plans for world-domination lives on

Got Wi-Fi dawg!!!!

So I finally decide to try my wi-fi card, and guess what?? It worked, and is really great, now I am able to just simply log-in and get internet whenever I am. I can talk to my baby in the bed and that just make it soooo great.

I think I should get a webcam 🙂

I love you forever

Well today I finally got the chance to talk with my girlfriend which was like fresh air. Lately we have been busy with misc stuff and havent been able to talk. Even thought we love each other like craizy, we haven’t been able to be on line at the same time.

This was finally finished today, where I called her, and she quickly answer my call by getting online. Few hours later we were really into talking and kissing each other. Well we didn’t actually kiss but we were definetly feeling each other. After many laughs and missing and just talking about everything we really have a great time together. It was nice talking to her… it was also very ironic that all thru the time we had in Romania we never talked so much.

Now we are online we got the chance to talk so well and I felt such at ease with her that I really wanted to just kiss her and make love to her all night.

Is funny but I am liking the fact we are both on line and talking rather than being in bucharest and just not being able tot alkt o her. On the flip side, I really miss her and I think that we really deserve more chance to be together more than what we already have.

I really enjoyed all the pics we took each other, and I really wish we could take this relationship to the next level. We might even be so serious that decided to just stay togehter, even if we are on line. So far I got no reason to look for someone else, even if I have already meet some other girls, it just doesn’t feel like I could care someone else.

Now I will just praise her and enjoy all the hours we got the chance to talk to my baby. I will send her some emails with my recording maybe she will be able to do the same. If not we can always use gizmo.

OOoCAST soon

I have to say that I am not a fan of places where they sport MS technology like ASP. However that doesn’t necesarily mean the company is evil. This is the case with blipmedia, where their support has proved to be excellent. Right now I have got the contact of Mark Hopkins, who has ensure that my mp3 are properly located in the server since I ahvent been able to upload them correctly. It seems the mp3 are there but they don’t play.

With his help, I think I will have OOoCast launched soon.

Lost her number

Don’t you hate when this beautyful girl give you her phone number, then you forget about the piece of paper and then you found it all messed up since you wash your pants and the number was in the back pocket.

Well this is something like that, I have my cellphone synchronized with my laptop but it seems my laptop has my gf old number. When I synchronized I found that I had her old number which overwrote the new one making me lost it. Now I am looking if there is anything that has her number…. I guess is quite funny but now is making me go all craizy.

UK accent

So yesterday it was saturday and I think it was about time to get out of the house. I mean having internet is great but staying there for 3 days straight might be a lil bit boring. So I finally went with Ian’s kids. They took me to downtown Birminham and had a good time.

They took me to this club where Chris, the older brother is the lead singer of the group. I would never ever go to a club like this if this people didn’t carry me there. It’s hardcore punk rock, something I am really not keen into. I could just remember that M.O.P. video with Busta Rhymes.

Anyway the first singer looked like that guy from America History X, he had a German cross on the back and some tatoos. I wonder if he was a skinhead or something. Anyway the whole crew was pretty odd, the kids looked really young and the girls really ugly.

Anyway I had an interesting time, after that we went back home just to locate Ben (younger brother friends) and left to Tamworth’s downtown. The town is very tiny and the center is well just like any american suburb.

Ben is a really cool guy, I feel confortable talking to him and his friends are alright. I hope we get to practice some basketball together sometime in the future.

Well everything went great and I am happy to say I had a good time. At the end of the day I went back on line and stayed until reallly late. There are some interesting things developing ahead for INGOTs. I just hope this don’t just stayed in Plans and we can get actual busienss going.