MIT me?

Well yesterday was a big day, I got interviewed by Ann Chan, an MIT lecturer that wanted to know more of the aim Government and the Free Software community is interoperating. This comes as a really great pointer at this stage of the game because it seems I am back on my feet and making inroads rather fast on getting the free software message.

After a couple of months of not substantial achievement, I got in touch with people from e-Mexico and people from other government and company contacts. It seems as this will be a strong close to my activities in Mexico.


Blog is like sex

I came to the realization that blog is like sex. Is not how hard I pound the keys, is how constant I am on my blogging. I think I havent really have any success blogging. But things are coming together and I hope to keep this blog hot and wet. ;p

No, seriously, I should be more constant on my keyboard pounding. I think I can do that and hopefully I will get it.

How long is too long

So I am going to Europe, that might be good. Few months, sounds great; 1 year — well get confy in Europe; 1 1/2 years — are you craizy???

Thats somehow how I feel. Is cool to visit other countries, you learn a lot and you are convinced things will be great. However, being away so long can cause some troubles specially since not knowing for sure where you going. Is cool to have friends before the trip and is also very cool if they are hot girls. But what is not cool is, not knowing the language, not being a first world country. And basically, outkasting yourself from real world business.

I think this might be some doubts comming to my mind as I am getting ready to take the trip. However, this choice sounds very daring and brave and I hope it turns out to be lovely also.

So I will hold on to whatever is cool for now.

Things fall apart

Wow this was some hardworking days for me. I had my pretty big slice of stress as I saw my project falling apart. The trainning I was visualizing as good step sudenly start going south. Fortunately I still got the guy who will give the trainning so there still hope. Being lied is definetly not a good sensation and even more when is on business with someone you want to make partnership.

However, since things got sour, is time to look for other candidates. This brings — on the bright side — new people to the table. And new people means also new business chances.

So as far as I know this is a great opportunity to learn and even get more business comming my way. I just hope I can do it in the speed it needs to be done.

Interview by MIT schoolar

Wow this is interesting getting some attention with the work you have made in the past. Things like the section I had on SAMBA as part of my previous experience. Now an MIT lady sent me an email asking me for some minutes. Getting my first interviews about things I have done in the past really feeds my fat ego. But not just that, it also makes me more able to go forward on my quest to make Mexico a more FLOSS’s friendly country.

The interview is tomorrow, I am kind of nervous and honestly I got NO IDEA, what to tell her. For a guy who just been in the stinky government for a time of 5 months, it would be interesting to see my views printed on a magazine.

Well hope things come out for the better. I am pretty confident they will and I am pretty confident Mexico will eventually be a FLOSS’s friendly country.

Business call bussiness

It seems that things are starting to march. I am starting to feel like a pornstar. Well not like a pornstar but like a true entrepreneur. Things are flowing my way and business is calling more business.

Thats what I felt when I got two potential projects, aside from my Macro project and my midsize project. Things are just a lot now, and doing them means I need to do a lot more. I guess the executive agenda is well needed.

However an important step is to get everything worked out so we can actually make some progress. Today was interesting as I called people from Lindows and Hp and actually got a satisfacotry response. We are moving toward getting acquainted with the rest of the other projects which are also very important.


Dealing with code is easy, dealing with people… thats another story. I really dont realize the cost of acquire human assets. And the possiblity of seen things going south. Well this happened this weekend as I saw a situation that is getting stickier. So if I cant kill it at least I will slow it down.

My strategy is simple, get the application done and close the case. Bascially with those elements I will just stop our need and support our negotiation position.

Well D-day seems to be wednesday, we’ll see what it happens. Courses

Well it seems that I havent been officially on the site. Since today I got an array of emails from my tutor officially giving me access to the course. And the panel is much different from before. So I guess that the past stuff was merely practice.Well the new panel is rather cool and I almost can feel that I will learn much more. Hopefully I will. I encourage anyone that read this to try it. I wonder if there is a LAN version of this course we could implement it here.Well let see how much I start learning ‘officially’ from now on. By the way the site is:

Can old dogs learn new tricks?

Well as a enthusiast is great to see the project moving into different directions and new answer arising even eariler than the proble consolidate. This is the case of the re-training of large amount of people. You just need a tool that can make your staff rapidly get the skils needed to use new tools.Thats when trainning solutions such as the one from spain actually make lots of sense. So I decided to be a part of it and actually play my part subscribing into this kind of courses and actually going through the excercises and tests.To my surprise this basic course actually had a lot of things that I have to be honest and recognize the ignorance I had on them. So can an old dog learn new tricks?Well it seems I can as also to my surprise I just barely passed the rather easy test. This is just a wake up call to actually recognize the eficiency of this course and not take it lightly. This will be an exciting course. The course is in spanish and you can find it here.

New Chances Everyday

Yesterday I make a pretty substantial post, however the blog app was tripping. I hope this time it serves good. I was thinking about how many opportunities I am wasting by not taking care of them TODAY.

I have structured my brain to create lame excuses on why I havent perform my plans. Now those excuses are gone and I realize I just need something I thought I didnt lack. Decision.

Well is time to represent and start fresh again.