Which series I am watching?

So I have been watching some fall series and they are good but I guess is a good enough topic to post about. So here it is.

For the time being I am not watching any Anime, but would love to show some of the other series I am watching. If you got any recommendation I am all free.

  1. The Good Wife
  2. Quantico
  3. Homeland
  4. Law and order
  5. Empire
  6. Being Mary Jane
  7. Dragon Balls Super
  8. NBA Games
  9. Flash
  10. Arrow
  11. Jessica Jones
  12. NBA shows (NBA Starters & Games)

This doesn’t include podcast, videopodcast, youtube shows etc.

So far this experience let me with a withdrawal syndrome specially when dealing with dump non-internet enable TVs. Last week I stayed at a friend house with a huge 60 inches TV, with satellite and good package from SKY. However for me it was completely useless and I end up not being able to watch anything. In the end we all have to stare at the phone. This give me the realization that modern TV had make traditional dumb TV basically the same as a radio to spotify. Is similar but sooooo different.

What’s your thought, and what you think of my viewing list.