Merky green water

So today I had a very common dream, is almost a meme dream where again the ocean eats everything on site. So this one is about me attending some event in puerto vallarta, where the FSL (Free software event) was handled.
After an out of this world scenery with jupiter showing for most of the sky as well as other planets aligning like it’s 2012. We were enjoying a great dinner in the resort next to the beach when the whole tsunami started. Eating the beach and then splashing against the hotel. Waves of merky green water started crawling up on us. Our solution? Just close the window. Eventually some water got under our door but beside some wet shoes the ocean got back to normal and we were able to finish the event.
In the end I went back to beautiful cancun and enjoyed some quality beach. Most say the dream was kinda trippy but it was interesting I wasnt so shocked about the tsunami and felt it was meant to happen. Maybe that’s why I said it was a meme. I have had so many tsunami dreams that is almost like.. Off-course.


Finally getting somewhere

So we have been finally moving on certain things that have be stuck in my ToDo. I am finally making small inroads with some tasks regarding the certification wirh some sample work that wold take several weeks in talks but hasn’t been achieved.
The testing intern finally got the automatic testing of the ground after a month on getting nowhere.
Finally and after a month I am getting internet service in my apartment. I hope this goes out smoothly as possible. So far they said it can take around 4 days, which is not that much. Just hope they can deliver.

Street dreams

No is not the Nas track, or maybe it is. Life and death al mixed in this bizarro world of my head. This morning dream put an extreme picture of the high and low class neighborhood living next to each other. While my family upper class worked on getting babies and sometimes synced ones. The other one is dominated by gangs and contractors looking for prey to assasinate just for fun. They randomly spot you on the street and is on. My assasins where only two but suriviving my assasin only make more notice me in the process. 
It all started with a family trip when we spot back the car with the gang follow us and a quick game of loosing them through cut corners and alleys was enough to survive them. However individually I wasnt so lucky and on the streets only your feet can set you free. I ran through the crowd, the abandonned warehouse and the old apartment building. Only to come across another killing. Thats where the other two guys catched up and a sudden movement prevented from being stabbed on the spot. I dash through the stairs and off to a larger field full of people. Thats where the second group tried to spot me, these were runners, and they started to launch themselves like a football tackle. I zig zag enough to avoid the first one but the second one was able to put a hand on me. However is was able to reach the end of the park and jump to the fence near the pool and got away to my neighbor hood.
But that wasnt the end, after resting in the couch of my luxury house, the couple of killers broke in and found me instantly. They start robbing everything, taking a dump in my toilet and finally beating me up. That’s when the dream ended and slowly I woke up with a lazy WTF dream went on. It wasnt until the Mobb Deep track start playing that I realize how street novel dream I had. Street Dreams.

First internship success story

WayOOo badge

Yesterday I was able to participate in a talk during a University event about the virtual internships through, project named “WayOOo”.

The WayOOo project is a incentive to build the infrastructure of creating contracts with the universities about creating relationships and getting kids into the project.

OOo might not be the best project to start but is certainly a powerful and and popular open source platform to do so.

So the project has already produced a successful intern with a tangible result, and during the conference he was able to create a UNO naturalization to a popular OOo extension. OOo2Gdoc is an extension that will connect and exchange documents with Google Docs, Zoho and Webdav through their API.

So the presentation was a bit rocky, I got a bit lost explaining the concept of the presentation through a very awkward example of how traditional internships fail. However things improved when the intern talked about his extension and finally I think the QA was great since we were able to talk more fluently with the audience. At the end, I enjoyed it but the people attended was fairly reduced and I guess I was competing with other great talks, I only wish this talk was worth it for the few and will talk about it with their peers.

I am leaving the original presentation so you can check it out and comment on it, if you like it or have any suggestions please comment on it.

Race on the Rails

We have been trying hard to tackle the Rails framework and having people put it on their box and going through some tutorials on how to set up the web framework. I particularly are friendly with the framework but I should say that I am no Ruby expert. However it’s funny I actually was crazy about Ruby and Python back in 2001 when I was living in Boston. Now rails resurrect Ruby and Python well, it was always famous but Django gain massive approach as Google App engine adopts the framework.

I have since installed and update my Rails gems however django has also been put in my netbook. However, I should say ‘what a framework?‘.  I had the hardest time configuring, however the django framework I was gladly surprised with the great documentation included in the framework and the apps as well.

However I have been able to set up another two guys with the rails framework and even if Django keeps tickling the back of my mind, I am thinking now back in 2001 with these frameworks, having Django and Rails simultaneously take me back to those great geek days.

I think however, that even if this is a great hobby I should prioritize other things like the development of apps in the SugarOS as the lead of the OLPC Mexico tech team. I shoudl get more information on how to build apps in Sugar and get the new OS on the VM. So I think that maybe doing some sugar in the university could be a great angle to do with other people like Enrique from the University. Maybe some other guys might join on the future.

I think that the Tequila Valley Cancun will finally get a coherent development movement to start learning as a group and create stuff from a cohesive angle.

However the sad news is that the event that was pushing this Ruby movement was the cancelation of the Rubyfest. Due to lack of funds we decided it wouldnt be able to as attractive and too risky to finance the project. 😦

<rubyfest cancelled

Checkin El Futuro in VH

So my time in VH was well spent through diferent things including hanging out with a friend from Cancun that was visiting my hometown. So I was in charge of being his tour guide, and was able to check out the city and also realize how much it has changed throught he last year. I was well surprised seen some new things going on in the city but also a bit let down by the many issues that the many problems that the city has been a victim off, including the danger of being flooded once again by the river. 

An event was done during this week which included the tours of many developers from different parts of the country and the US. We were able to party and also chat with many developers about code and open source. Most of the guests were portraid around entrepreneurship for this event, but once we start talking many of the american guys were al about the code including ex-developers from Gnome and other FLOSS projects. 

Most guys were very well rounded Unix guys that knew about code, business developments and enterprising new events. However some clear gaps happened between the american and the Mexican ones, and like one of my rants was the lack of addressing some of the more structural things that need to happen to put startups afloat. 

at the stage during a talk on mobile apps

I didnt attend many of the meetings because I wasnt able to assist during the morning, but some I attended virtually through the livestream channel. With talks from people from Microsoft and some twitstars that were widely critisized. I was able to attend a panel which was extremiley boring and somewhat weak. 

panels at el futuro

Another lack of mention was the absense of code discussions, not just languages but also technologies and oportunities from these technologies for new markets. I would have like to see more code and howto discussion on how to create the apps and bring the ideas to a functional stance. 

Of course there was many good things as well, the community seems to be more efficient as they work together and also bring more people into this movement. There was a good coordination of multiple activities including the hackspedition, the super happy dev house, a project evaluation and idea workshops. 

Super happy dev house

Also hanging out with some old friends as well as new was very enjoyable and also be able to see them as an evolution from years before. Some new ones including Dennis and John from the US were great party buddies and help to add more adventurous spirit to the evenings. 

great parties

Random Updates

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog that much, so here are just a summary of random updates about my recent activities. I have been busy with a new event called RubyConf, which is a hackaton on Ruby on Rails to generate new projects.

The Rubyconf will happen in Cancun at the ME hotel, at least those are the plans but things could change as we move along. So far the project seems promising and also help us reinforce the ties with the local universities.

On other news, I have recently talked with my ex but she seemed she was pretty mad on me and wasn’t able to have a good conversation since she was feeling so bad.

I hope she get to feel better and eventually to her senses. I have also been on to Coatzacoalcos to give a talk on QA and other things related to software development and free software.

Speaking about I have seen many changes and proposals to change the trademark, the mailing list, forums and other things. This is a hard change for me since some of the situations seems a bit rushed. Maybe because some of the stuff is about the community being dismantle and also re-assembled somehow.