Adding on the OOo

Finally I just release the roadmap for the add-in for the I got no idea how to do it, I hope to gather some knowledge from the PyUNO implementation. I hope to read it several times and get more acquainted with the UNO reference as well as on some key issues

– UI
– The track changes feature
– User defined fields
– Stylus construction


Linux on the Desktop

I will defy the odds and try to make my mom… a complete techophile learn linux. This is truly a great test for linux. I cant imagine of anyone so technophile than my mom.

However, IF I succed, my voice will reach every LUG or corner of the world where I have an account. And I do have lots of accounts, hope to see how that goes.

By the way I still havent got my Opera why it keeps crashing, I wanna fix it but on the other side, I know is a beta, so I will hang till I get the RC.

Designing a Business Model

I didnt realize how hard is to experiment with new business models. Even new investment strategies. With china stocks booming and just becoming a true bubble. This might be a very nice place to invest. Tech stocks are starting to inflate again, now that the cash is there and that new acquisitions are taking place we are seen a hunger to buying most of the chineese companies.

If you live in china is a beautiful thing to become an entrepreneur with a nice network of good press.

Hope things keep smooth for the next Q and I will also have a better paying job 🙂

Comming Home

Sometimes I feel this whole world is getting too crunked. We live in a society that assumes that it fully understand values and what is right from wrong. However thats when their believes are shaky.

If things were right and wrong, this space would be binary just 1 or 0. However this world doesnt confront with that analogy and while people may think that things are good or things are bad. They also feel that is not on the best interest to analize things.

Today was a lousy day, I woke up really late. I realize that the day was over before it really began. I would definetly get up earlier tomorrow. I got a meeting tomorrow pretty important since it will finalize the meetings that will mark GULTab’s future.

Back again

Ok this application is really misterious, one day it works, and the next is broken. I wonder what would be next. Anyway say bye to this one, as the new one will come with a whole diferent stuff on it. Pyblosxom seems to be pretty cool.

Untill then, happy 2004

Getting close to home

Ok I am all amaized with this store from california. is really a great company, ship international and even have open accounts world wide. This is really a mayor advantage for oversea sales.

But the best part is definetly the products they have, high end laptops that are ridiculously small. I hope I can get one by the way…

GULTab Celebration

GULTab ‘posada’ went fairly well, even though we didnt gather a large crowd. We still manage to have lots of fun. Unfortunately this would be my last event with the group as I will disappear on the midnight myst.

I would wish the best to GULTab for becoming a solid groud for innovation and technology building bridges for a substantial and stronger community.

Several proyects like could have a lesser role as the sponsor of the project (ME) will be off.

New leadership will, however, benefit the group strongly. Initiative and time as also key things to manage, maybe broadening our members to marketing people can help support this group.

Wow I just got an idea, maybe we can look for UVM people in charge of the convention proyect to help support gultab. 🙂

GULTab evaluation

My business with GULTab is going great, I have finally seen some cohession between the members. I do also see two main threats.

1) The population still around a few colleges.
2) Leadership still lacking and participation is just working itself up

I hope new people comes to GULTab and I hope we can get more leadership in the group.

Where are all the guys from UVM????

Let’s start coding

Well finally my programming course is over and I should go thru the course material and re-evaluate. I really need this since it can bundle my portfolio and of course say to the world that I know Python + XML + PostgreSQL.

Sounds great rigth?

Tech Worker, why not?

Thanks to my recent promotion within the community as a Community Rep for Mexico. I wonder if that can actually increase my chances of getting a better job.

Sun and SuSE are both in Mexico and SuSE is actively looking for new people. Now since Novell adquire SuSE they might increase their business infraestructure.

This potentially opens a gap for new development of businesses and jobs. My chances could not be as far as I think they are.