Programmer sites

Is interesting to participate in a programmer community. Not a product or project site but a programmer community. This feels different since you are not working toward one goal but you feel everyone moving to different goals simultaneously.

I have discover some sites like El Rincon de C whic is exactly that. A programmer site for C programmers, yet the C / C++ language are used on a platora of different products, compilers, IDE etc.

There is also no best enviroment so usually people use the tools they like the best and there is less convincing focus to switch and rather to debug.

Compared to a Linux community where everyone is pushing their distro, apps, code, framework, api, etc. This one is more agnostic and also very supportive. Since the C language is rarely taught in college nowadays, being a C guru helps a lot and usually is great to talk to this people.


Permission Mess at Home

On friday we had a big storm and the result was my AC with no power. This also caused my desktop to get a corrupted root partition. The corrupted root partition was under xfs and I was too laizy to try to restore it and result into a installation spree.

I already got my installation but somwhere in the process my users got messed up services. Today I finally fix it but it was tricky.

So the problem was the following, I have my home directory with 3 users however the folders were under a different owner/group and doing chown/chgrp will solve it partially since it will just affect the regular folders but in linux we got some hidden folders that start with a .folder/ and this folders will have some files and so on.

This could be solved by doing the recursive flag ‘-R’ however when you combine this with an asterisk ‘*’ this make the recursive go and write not just the current files but also up the tree back to /home/ and even root directory.

To solve it, I have to take rid of the asterisk and start managing this from the /home/ folder. Eliminating the asterisk it solve the problem since it wont go up the tree when I put the dot before the asterisk.

The final command looks something like this:

chown user -R /home/user/

OOo NY Ad gets pimped

So I saw the OOo new york ad campaign and it looks promising however the add looked really awful. It seems some designers have stepped in and finally we got a good Mockup of the design.

However I was a bit confused why some people didn’t took the idea of cooperating to this campaign because it wasn’t done on their country.

The problem with this is that it divides the community efforts for other divisions that are not so important.

LinuxAction Show

So the Linux podcasts have started to grow more. The Linux Action show is a new podcast that seem to focus on Linux news. Which is a bit a disapointment since we still waiting a podcast that dedicate itself to the actual use of Linux on the desktop rather that commenting linux-related world events.

Specially since most of this events can’t hardly be used for anything.

I haven’t seen anything new from other promising podcasts line the source code which was a video podcast that look really promising. The best part was that they show the actual code and way to do things.

Paypal in Mexico

So paypal is a very famous site, however Paypal is not that known in mexico and the worst part is that is hard to actually get a support envioroment to do transactions. Even on google is hard to get Paypal documentation for Mexico.

Mexican banks such as Bancomer, Banamex, HSBC and Scotiabank know virtually nothing about Paypal and they can’t provide any type of support.

Paypal also has no knowledge of Mexican banks and they can’t recomend anything. Paypal Mexico basically doesnt exist and paypal integration around countries also doesn’t work.

The main problem is that I can’t add funds to the paypal account. Looking around i found a good discussion about Paypal in Mexico however something happened that I got completly lost and couldnt execute as I thought.

I wll keep googling for the information.

Cedric’s update on OOoEclipse

Cedric Bosdonnat has just give an update on his project to integrate OOo’s UNO framework with the popular developer platform, Eclipse.

Cedric mentions on his blog about OOoEclipseIntegration 1.0.3 has some improved documentation, better JavaDoc extensability and also an internal model refactoring.

Cedric writes:

Now you can create a new UNO project using a URE instance, the type browser will show you only the URE types and in a future version you will be able to create a new URE application and run it.

You can download the plugin from his site at:

Migration Tutorials

Lately I have seen a lot of Linux magazines… ok I saw it on TUX magazine and Linux Reality about people asking for tutorails that actually migrate from Windows to Linux. Meaning that explains the way you do it on windows and the way you do it on Linux.

For example I will do a small tutorial to do the thing people do on Windows and then on Linux.

Windows Ways

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on User Accounts
  • Activate a New User
  • Specify the Priviledge

On Linux (with LinuxConf):

  • Go to LinuxConf
  • Select Users
  • Type your name and password as well as real name
  • Log out or switch session with the new account

On Linux (from Command Line):

  • Open a terminal
  • Type

    and type your password

  • type

    and the name of the user

Having more of this Windows/Linux guides might be what many ex-windows users criying for.

Missed game 5

Under a real brain error, I completely missed game 5. With a confusion on the channels and at, I missread the games to play. To make matters worst, my team lost.

And it seemed to be the best game someone far with an overtime. With a game winning point and a game losing error.