New FLOSS podcasts available

OSUM Podcast is a project started by Miguel Angel Frías Bonfil and Alexandro Colorado where we basically talk about the community that carry the name of the podcast. Is a space where we talk about tech news relevant to the community and about collaborations and things happening around OSUM. We also comment on some of the questions that happens on the forums.

On this first episode we focus on explaining the project as this podcast invite the community to participate the rest of the community so we hope for feedback and get better knowledge about the open source projects available.

We invite the listeners from OSUM to send their suggestions, comment and also participate as guests of the show. Send topics you want us to discuss and also make questions regarding the tech.


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Another podcast that is being launched is Open  Chimichanga project, a podcast produced by Miguel Angel Barajas, where he also talk about relevant free software topics. His first show he and his co-host or invite, Mauro Parra, discuss topics such as skipfish, a tool developed by Google engineers to test web providers. They also talk about how to develop and charge about developing applications for Android and Iphone.

His second podcast that is really his first official one they have a more polished show and keep talking about Android and also about Novel’s new SuSE Studio project. available on this link.


My report from CONSOL

So let me get this straight, i don’t like Mexico city, I lived a couple of years here many moons ago but never really liked it. Every time I go to Mexico city I constantly complain about everything. I have been living in many cities including New York, Bucharest, Guadalajara, Philadelphia and many more and never found a city that i hated the much. So once said that most of the experience might be also affected by these environmental factors.
I have to recognized the efforts of the organizers and recognized their limited resources to make it all work and appreciate the help I got from them when I needed it and also for the cheer up spirit through out the event regardless of the abandonment of many potential speakers.
I also have to say I really appreciate the technical level from these talks and hope that we keep seen more of these. However I also wish that we see them more often and without needing these major events to learn about it.
So I realize about CONSOL and my participation early Monday when my fellow from asked me about it when I first got on line. With the rush I had to get a ticket that same day and fly to Mexico City that same night. When I got there I was picked up by one of the core organizers who took me to the hotel. After a relatively calm night I finalize my presentation to later for the next day. Unfortunately I realize one of the biggest drawbacks of my trip, the hotel Internet was not working!!!
I had issues since I wanted to integrate it with another presentations at OOoCon celebrating this decade of innovation.
The day went out a bit stressing since I wasn’t able to participate on the conferences I wanted to hear because some of the speakers didn’t showed up and had to be canceled. One speaker I could listen was el pop which talk about his business about Neocenter and asterisk. My conference came through OK, and I think that many liked my conference because of the tweets applauding it and even if many people didn’t really get it, the geeks were really interested.
Later that night I met a group from Monterrey and had a nice conversation about the community and got invited to hang out with them at their room. The hotel looked like a high school dorm with many kids on the hallway. We did had a crisis with a girl who was crying in a corner of the hotel. She was there in the darkness for a while. Eventually she got to calm down but the thing was a bit creepy.
The day two I wasn’t able to return to the conference because I had other business to attend to including a conference with the guys.
Day three I did caught up some talks about grid computing, and Linux on the enterprise given by gnuowned.The day went by pretty quick and I end up having pizza with the guys from Monterrey and then met another crew from Veracruz.
The fourth day I did attend from the very beginning with the project about a directory for free software listing providers and companies. Then I went to see a talk on Blender which went awesome and got to watch Sintel which is a great movie done in blender for free.
Then was a talk by Tigrux about Python and C under two different projects from gnome. A project called Vala and another called Genie. I like the conference but thought he got too hang out with the description of python and C and going through their main construction like object description and syntaxes.
Finally I got to go to the airport only to find out my flight was the next day. Thats where I appreciate the administration which came forward and got me an extra night at the hotel so I can catch my flight. I am still at the airport so i haven’t got home just yet, but I think that everything was worth it. I did have a nice night yesterday and today, well I am writing this blog as I am at the airport waiting for that flight.
Here is a copy of my presentation:

New presentations from the OOoCon2010 online