Awesome extensions poping up

So this past weeks I’ve seen a lot of new extensions showing up on the website. For either Writer or Calc, three new extensions seem pretty cool to have a look:Color2Row This extension enabels rapid coloring tablerows with different colors to selected or used areas.Alba It simplifies work with documents, containing pages with different layouts.FastMailMerge If Mailmerge is too hard, this fast mail merge allow you to simplify this process and make it easy for you. Function: picks up a list of data from a spreadsheet as a database, placing markers field in a text document, automating the printing or sending mail.All these and more here:


New talk on Drupal on WizIQ

If you are here you obviously know drupal, however the best part of joining this talk is that you can help the topic develop and become worth it for other people too. Learn from other developers and actually speak to them on this virtual classroom.Join to this free talk available to everyone who want to join in this comming Monday on WizIQ. Join Now!!.

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

This is a great and awesome book that should be put on every geeky clan. The parody of having linux in your favorite roadkill make me think that there will be a flix about linux powered zombies. The way the whole book is portrait is actually interesting having many puns and just written like many Linux HOWTOs. The book so far has make me wondered if this is the first of a trend of self-ironic books that take the geeky customs of many communities and make hillarious fun while at the same time driving a cold chilling message arround.Before this post gets too dark, I’ll leave you guys with the cover…. pure awesomeness…


Looking into food and health

For a while I have been looking myself become more sedentary and more fat. Althought this is a really weird type fat, is like advancing slower than it should. Part in because I quit meat every other day. Well basically the point was never to quit meat but to lower the ammount of meat toxines into my body.So now that we have a lower income of meat it reates I guess a reduced allocation of fat. However recently I was suggested to try the Zone. The basics of the zone is not about eating less but about eating every single group in every single meal.Back when I was in new york? I was able to get very thin eating rice, asian rice. Full of grains and fiber I was able to lower my weight and I wasn’t feeling particuarly tired. However there was always a better way to look at things and Zone has partially won me except I still need to research over if the Zone is the definite best way to keep healthy.Eventually we all want to be healthy and we all want to be fit, but I still think that excersise is the only way to be fit. I need to get my lazy ass moving, there is no late rains to wet the court anymore so I think is time to start jumping on the car and drive to the park.

OOo Innovation Package

For a while we been working on this innovation package from OOo. Call it Open for business or new strategy for education market. But Innovation Package looks real good the way we are assemble it. It looks very very ambicious but as technology evolves and SAAS allow us to deploy services faster and make the impact more dramatically to the organizations.So what is this innovation package? At this time we are evaluating a series of products and services that OOo has had for a while and looking for a way that we can assemble them in a stack. This will allow organizations to adopt the software as an organization.For a while many organizations had required lots of studies and documentation for a way to adopt and Open source in general but a lack of commercial leverage on this product hard to deploy for some invisible reason. Training their staff, integrating to their infrastructure and making it run smoothly are definetly challengsesthat can mark OOo as ready or not for their needs however the offer needs to be set loose  and continously improved.At this point the offer has just became better with this innovation package. Training and giving solutions had make our strategy to make it easier for business to get a better response from business. I’ll be blogging more about it as we solidify the offer and we experience the soon announced deployments. For more information about this innovation package feel free to contact me.

Marcons and highlights

When we wanted to talk about marketing contacts (MarCons) we wanted an entrepreneurial type that has the community interest in mind and can develop an expectation for the project leads to do their work.However these work involved the publicity of the community. What happens here is simple, the publicity of the community is a very light thing to say. Anyone can develop community publicity. So why would we want a project lead?Here is something new, the ego on egoboo. We can get the development without the selfishness. In the end a good lesson was learn and that is to get the other interests into account too. Asking on why are you into this for is important justt to be on the same page.

Development and new Podcast

So these past weeks I haven’t blog as much. However I have been doing lots of good stuff. First I have got back in talks with the client in south america as well as polished my presentation on drupal for this friday. I have spent the time also on sites like oDesk. ODesk is an outsource/freelancer site to sell your skills throug the web and something very interesting for what could be the future of support tools.Another thing that has happened this week is the launch of my new podcast on HPR. We start with a talk on QtWebkit which is a new development framework to create web desktop app. We dedicate some time to document ourself but not enough and honestly this wasn’t meant to be a show but since we already record it and went back and forth on it we just decided doing that. Some of the interesting comments were talking about the dynamic dashboard and how can these tool help us design interesting desktop apps. In the end there wasn’t a definitive conclusion, actually the end was a bit abrupt since the recording got cut unintentionally during the call.Finally I been really downloading a lot of audiobooks. My favorite so far is Confessions of an Economic Hitman a book by John Perkins which is the interesting story of economist that inflate the economy of a country to get huge loans and burry the countries into debth in the name of progress and pushing forward the US empire.  There is a video on youtube, actually there is a whole array of videos that you can check out there.If you want to chat about that with me, please let me know through the comments and we can set up a chat session since I really want to share my thoughts with other people.So as you can see it was a very productive week and hope this carry on for the next one.

Having a sunday meal

Today I had some food at my aunt house. Meal has been ok so far. Just the random barter, today I plan to make at least 3 videos.I’m looking forward for iphone at the python411. The podcast brought a cool topic into the mix of humane interface and the natural next step of programming.The whole topic was about programming usuing python annd enhancing the new user data entry experience. So we are looking in the end of the keyboard? Highly doubt it. But could make us think new wave of software. Just like the talk about the wii and their games. The touch interface that the iphone put on the map and also a close feature of ui if the touch increase it’s popuarity.So far my whole view of mobility is there but not all that since I’m still get to be most of my day on my desk. However the problem again is the interface. Is too slow and too cumbersome.