Back from #FONASOL

So here is my ‘report’ of the event going on at #FONASOL, an event targeted to the people of Coatzacoalcos. Previously, I was invited to that event in 2007 and was a really cool experience because the Mozilla Mexico group was just formed and also there was special setups such as a debate between Free software and proprietary one.

The event was covered was greatly covered by the local media and a debate was held infront of at least my camera. You can view a big chunks of the debate here.

This version of #FONASOL was much smaller and less prominent than the first one with a more traditional setup it was just about workshops and talks, with a lot of students and not as much interactivity. Many of the usual suspects weren’t there but that was good since I was able to see new blood coming in and give their talks.

Few surprises was a talk I had with the guy from Oracle, Miguel angel from Novell and some night time discussion with Omar.

At the same time I was a bit disapointed that well there is just way too much exciting about alcohol and just get drunk. Don’t get me wrong I am all forward for people getting retarded, as long as it has a porpouse. However there is nothing more uninspiring than hanging out with people wanting to get drunk talking about alcohol. I wonder if it’s almost as annoying of having sex with someone talking about past times she had sex. 😀

Back to the event, well it was nice seen so many females coming to the event more than males and even more when they are from high school. I wish they are actually interested more than just an extra point by a teacher. But only a girl can wish.

Well about the talks I went to some pretty good talks, I was pleasantly surprised by:

  • LFS: Linux From Scratch – the guy put too much text which nobody likes, but his talk was fluid and technically great.
  • OpenHardware Summit: Arduino – the talk was great, alhtough would have been nice to actually see a demo. It did remind me of a new innitiative Open Source Ecology
  • LTSP en Tabasco – Muy buena platica, me gusto haber visto las cajas rescatadas y que esto por fin se este implementando. Tambien quiero ver si el tecnologico de Centla quiere entrar en el programa practicas.
  • Desarrollo en Software libre para SCDH – No muy tecnica un testimonio de un sistema de tickets para casos de abuso de derechos humanos. Me hubiera gustado ver codigo.
  • Linux en el mundo empresarial – Excelente platica, ya la habia visto en el CONSOL pero me gusto el entusiasmo que Miguel le mete a sus platicas.
  • Desarrollo de Python – Pues fue una charla basica pero me gusto que mostrara codigo, quizas no tanto que codeara en vivo por que alarga la sesion innecesariamente. Si hubiera hecho pseudo-codigo hubiera sido bueno para la audiencia.

Excelente pero ahora con mis sesiones, Zen de Libertad pues estuvieron buenas, pero aun creo que se puede mejorar. La platica magistral creo que captivo a muchos. Aunque quizas el Q&A fue completamente abusado por Florentino que pregunto cosas que no tienen que ver con el topico sinceramente. Checa las diapositivas.

Sobre el taller, ODF Scripting pues el fail que pude ver fue que nadie tenia laptop para hacer lo que mostraba. Pero creo que muchas personas le entendieron a pesar de mis sobre explicacion de las cosas. Tarde mucho tiempo explicando que es RSS y XML que sinceramente no tiene tanto que ver con los scripts. Esto me hizo no poder cubrir los lenguajes de Perl y Java para que lo vieran las personas. Tambien tengo un todo que es transcribir scripts de un lenguaje a otro.

Sin embargo creo que a mucha gente le gusto, le intereso y pues quizas uno de toda la audiencia llegue a investar esto. Sin embargo el problema de que son muy pollos pueda ser el problema. Ahora, lo que esto me da es motivacion para hacer una replica de este taller en Youtube y que el mundo lo vea. Ahora que tengo un roadmap podre hablar de este.

Me gustaria ver el proximo #FONASOL si se llegara a hacer una especie de hackaton con mucha comida y mucha bebida y mucho mucho codigo en vez de tanta platica y diapositivas. Un bugfest por ejemplo hubiera sido excelente on actividad de localizar blogs.


Dunkin’ your way back to Miami


Tonight game was great with the Miami Heat playing just great defense thanks to an old soldier. Udonis Haslem got back to the lineup to wow everyone in Chitown and in the whole league. Wow Haslem was the missing piece on this new Heat.

He is the Kendrick Perkins for the Miami Heat and I think he is what they need to get the frontline at pace with the rest of the Heat offense. Just imagine LeBron and Wade driving the offence while Anthony and Hasslem the defense.

Regardless of that I think that this effort was a great one by Miami and they are looking much better and controlling the series back into Miami. Rose has been under control and also Korver hasn’t been hot lately.

Miami most have their bench answer back, get some 3’s from James Jones, and some efforts by the frontline to boxout the Boozer-Noah combination.

However the best weapon from the Heat is the runaway dunks generated from great D annd I think that LeBron and Wade got that shit on-lock. Just by counting how many dunks this past game, let see, there was two by LeBron then Haslem, then Wade, then there was the alley-oop and the dunk on Rose face from Haslem. Ouch..


Bed bug for hire

Today I had a very odd dream actually a bit corny. It was about a frat party house or something similar that they caught a bed bug, and since they got it, they let them stay as long as no other bed bugs come thru. The reality is that this was no bed bug but still accept the challenge to avoid getting squashed. So the real bed bugs are looking for a place to crash. The whole dream like I said was pretty corny, althought now I am remembering more parts of the dream, it seems thatI was also with my friends on a type of high school gathering and we were blasting some music. I was laughing cuz they couldn’t pronounce the name of artists like Benie Siegel and Talib Kweli.


Also I was trying to confess to this girl, or maybe I was more like an expectator that used to date, and they fake having sex but they came to believe they actually had it.

Another episode of my dream I was trying to fly myself back to Mexico looking for my Ex. I wanted to grab that plane but my lougage was missing and I neeeded to take that flight in order to reach her. It was a bit emotional part since I also remember going from hugging to kissing to recognizing that we should have never splitted.

All in all it was a very bizarre dream, and I guess I am not doing it any justice since I am just randomly selecting scenes from it. However it was a nice dream collectively, and well I do think it was a corny dream. I got a high school dream musical type of dream. At least is better than some of the nightmares out there.

Alien invasion

Today’s dream was about going with the taxtical forces and living in a space colony. While at the same time getting into trouble with some thugs employed by the admiministration of the ship. All because I had my puppy with me.
Not sure how or when that puppy became a girl which we also ran away from me after avoiding a beat down by the thugz and facing armed officials.
We blend with the crowd and got lost into movie places withing the colony, eventually avoiding them.


Not sure if it was the same ship I found myself joining the earth defense forces. With a huge space hovering a sea side while this whole squad of army vehiecles carrying the troops.
Now that I think about it I wasn’t joining but going to the beach closed by.
When we hit the beach I got on those parachuttes that hang yourself over the beach. The elevation was too high to simply jump into a dive but I got kind of stuck up there.
This was a crazy dream, later I dream about going face to face versus the alien forces, thwre waa two types of soldiers, the regular ones and the armoured one. The funny thing is that we were able to shoot down the armoured once we found their weak spot.
Not sure what happened in the end to bw honeat but it was a fun dream I guess. Very robotech-esque.

Heat move on to the championship

Great post-game conference, LeBron James giving Dwayne Wade the props and the vision to come together along with Chris Bosh. The Miami HEAT is going to face the Bulls and then probably the Mavs. So still quite a few more highlights to do before the championship. But a bit lump has been passed. Dallas seems like the top dog in the west and the Heat has struggle quite a bit with them including that that huge beat down at the beginning of the season. But this is a different Miami Heat team and it is ON NOW!!!


LeBron couldn’t said it better when you have your best friend right next to you to have your back. There were many +30 plus games in my career and I lost those games. But now is the vision that comes around and the desire for winning.


With Lakers out, the season is somewhat strange and even if the Boston Celtics are not going anywhere or the LA Lakers aren’t going anywhere next season. The Heat will also keep maturing their squads and playing even better.


It was a great series and is a thrill I haven’t look forward since the Bulls vs the Knicks.

New music – So far, so blazin’

So on my last hiphop post I talked about a target list to check out and I most say I am really impressed. Particularly with two artists. Apollo Brown which is an awesome producer and the group The Left which is also put out a great album.

Other great surprises was to listen to Little Brother, The Roots and Evidence from dilated people putting new stuff out there.

Other underground stuff like Dirty Hank and his latest EP which by the way I am loving the title “Dirty Hank’s Guide To Giving Up”.

There still a lot of music to go through. I most say Rozewood was somehow a bit disapointing, just wasn’t what I was expecting, althought the beats are quite good. Specially Mistakes which had that same soul track from Rae/Ghost.. very Wu-esque.

Still a lot to comment many groups to meet, Black Milk and actually listening to some of the Old news like Joel Ortiz and Atmosphere on the ToDo list.

Mistery girl and doomsday

This was a single dream, but change a bit dramatically. First there was this quest for this mistery girl, I dream my mom asking me for a girl that was somewhat of a celebrity in school and I saw that most of her pics was with me.

I couldn’t remember the girl however, and since she didn’t have the picture I was like, interesting, I dunno her. However I started researching on her and was like trying to get through my friend network how did I end up with her on the images.I got close to figuring out who was but eventually something else caught my attention.

The big stellar sky and seen 3 different moons on the sky. What my mind start working was that 2012 all planets align and what we thought was a moon was really all the planets coming close to the visual spectrum.


I woke up with that idea in my mind and had to download Kstars software just to check it out. I was pretty much facinated with the idea of multiple planets showing up in the sky. Unfortunately the tool is too exact and I end up having to see that it wouldn’t be possible for us in Mexico to watch the event since it will happened in a different latitude.

On the back of my mind there were all this astrotheology theories about alien invation because of the closeness of the planets and the hability for organisms to jump from one planet to the next. Still an interesting way to view this.


Getting back in touch with 2010

For all the hiphoperish thing that I have been trying to crawl back into, I have missed a lot of hiphop last year. I guess that staying in a Wu echo chamber has isolate me from other type of hiphop. Not that is necessary a bad thing, but also I have heard a lot of rappers from people that I have respect for, yet I have not taken the time to listen to them. What is worth, some others, I DO know them but I haven’t put the time to listen to their latest material. So this post is dedicated to them. I will try to do a checklist and try to listen to as much of their work as I can during the following days. A post I want to reffer to in particular is this extensive list that go through them from the very top to the very bottom.

  1. Celph Titled & Buckwild – I know Celph and know his work, but haven’t really put the time to listen to this album.
  2. Roc Marciano – Also heard of the cat, but I dont know him yet. Youtube candidate.
  3. Apollo Brown – Also another youtube candidate.
  4. Black Milk – I heard a lot from him yet I have never got to listen to his shit.
  5. Atmosphere – I know the dude, big fan, even got the album but I havent really listen to it.
  6. Skyzoo & Illmind – ‘Live from the tape deck’ seems like something good can come out of this one, I’ve seen it in a few lists now
  7. The Roots – ‘How I got over’ I didn’t know they had a new album, definitly a buy
  8. Black Sheep – ‘From the black pool of genius’ Wow this group is old, I used to like them but I didnt know they have a new joint out.
  9. Little Brother  – ‘LeftBack’ As well, I didnt know they had new stuff out.
  10. DJ Premier – ‘Get used to us’ Primoooooooooo Classic pure unadulterated hiphop
  11. Joel Ortist – ‘Free Agent’ So I know Joel for a while and didnt know he put finally and album
  12. Rozewood – ‘2012’ as opposed to Joel I know shit about this cat but he is NY and he is dark, which is the best combo for someone expecting Liquid Swords pt 2
  13. Slum Village – ‘Villa Manifesto’ Another Roots/Little Brother situation
  14. Madlib – ‘Before the Veridict’ Someting I need to check out since I am so confused with the timeline of these producers

I can go on forever but this is a pretty big list to go through at least for the following week. If something strikes me like a thunder, I will be definitly posting back on these cats.

Pies and blowing up the bridge

Not much I remember from my dream yesterday except it was delicious I remember being in a buffet and being offered pie and I couldnt resist cuz they were all different berries. From strawberry to raspberry and finally blueberry. So what to do?

Well I got a bit of them all. Not too much but enough to have a happy desert session. Happy dream buffet.


The next dream was a bit more shocking, this one I was a terrorist. But not the usual muslim kinda terrorist but more of a street gang kind of group but with money. Something like the A-Team or Ocean’s 11, that decided to blow up a street bridge strategically.

What I do remember is the way they were fixing this huge bridge wasn’t really sautered or anything it was just hold by big blocks of unicell. Which I thought it was hillarious, nothing was broken it was just reattached. I think that was the crazy part of the dream.

I do remember that I was trying to scape and fly back home and was planning and aliby.


The way we were….

I’ve become a fan of the show called The Cypher, which is a talk show about hiphop. I am also a member of three big hiphop groups in facebook, Wu-World Wide, Acquired Taste and Remembering Hiphop. They share a lot of video’s about hiphop. However I am sensing a change on the way hiphop is being talked about. Before we were always the first, the first Hiphop generation president, the first Hiphop couple (with Salt-n-Pepa and Treach), later was Biggie and Faith and now Jay-Z and Beyonce.

However now most hiphopers are not 20yr old kids but 35 going 40. And what used to be playa hating in the late 90’s during puffy era is now consider not just old school but really old.

Granted I never really saw a discussion between the old Sugar Hill Gang, Big Daddy Kane, 2 live crew and Eric B and Rakim fans complaining about true hiphop vs fake hiphop. Maybe hiphop as a general form was just way too young to be old school. Listen to some of those oldschool and musically was a bit too basic. Producer technologies were not really up there, so the beats were pretty much alike. Check LL Cool J – I need a Beat and Big Daddy Kane I get the job done for example.

But fast forward 15 years later and the landscape now is way too complex, there is no west coast coming up but crunk music, with monikers such as Lil B, Souljah Boy and co. Now kids are not into gangsta rap, not into hardcore hiphop, but just want to hit the club and get their dance off. Of course I don’t want to make it sound like all hiphop is just a bad copy of Jersey Shore. There is definitly great music being done like Lost Children of Babylon and Immortal Technique. Or even Kanye is much better than all the rest of the hiphop out there, commercially speaking. Great producers like Madvillan, 9th wonder and even hardcore hiphopers like Joel Ortiz and Vinnie Paz. Lots of veterans want to make a comeback and even help the whole scene to come back like Raekwon pull up Capone-N-Noreaga and now trying to do the same with Havoc and Prodigy. But Rae is doing his thing, he even just drop a new video last week.

Well I guess hiphop will keep evolving, and spreading out. Too many emcees too many albums, most are underground and I guess you need to keep moving and at least keep your ear to your prefernce so you can never be old school.

Last time a friend of mine told me I was old school because I listen to the Wu which is odd since Wu keep making music. Just last year several Wu-related albums were dropped. From OB4CL pt II, Shaolin vs Wu-Tang, Wu-Massacre, Apollo Kids, Inspectah Deck, 9th Prince, Hell Razah, The Swarm pt II and Shyheim dropped albums. Not to mention the odd mixtapes like the Magical Chambers and El Michael’s Affair. New albums like Liquid Swords pt 2, Blackout 3, Young Dirty Bastard, and other long awaited albums are still in the making.

However the hardcore style is a bit forgotten or drain into the underground, true headed hiphop also a bit not as relevant as Rawkus record days. So you gotta wonder if this is just things to come, and is all about Nicky Minaj, lil B, Lil wayne, lil P, Wacka Flacka, and more ignorant hiphop coming our way, also labeled as young hiphop. After all the only innovation in Hiphop in the 2000’s era was crunk music and autotune. I just hope it doesn’t up like Thugnificent from the boondocks…. not.

Thungnificent on autotune.