Alien Attack!!


Alien attack, in this foreign planet, a battle is about to start. With a bug-like spaceship landing on this planet and about to fight this superman like hero, that punch and spray rays to the bug. The bug however seems to be damageless and smashes the superman in the ground. To later just position itself over the grounds where he was there, and detonating bombs that will start a reaction on the planet and destroy it.

The superhero manage to sneak on the spaceship as it takes off from the plannet and followhim towards it’s trip back home in look for revenge. However as he thought he has fooled the bug, instead it was just getting closer to the Sun, so it push the superhero towards it to burn.

I woke up feeling pretty hopeless for some reason.

I went back to bed and tried again with a dream that was a bit more traditional, it seemed like a movie from Benicio del Toro fantasy dream. Starts with a serial killer that takes the life of some visitors to a camp, he kill them with kitchen tools, like fry pans and stoves. Eventually the friend of the killer realize he is doing that and manage to leave in an old vehicle.

However he goes too fast and finish off the road and desoriented, he finds a japanese colony in the middle of nowhere. It’s a village of japanese refuges and in that village a kid was in ove of this girl, it was winter so most of the swamps were frozen. He goes to look for a ring in one of the semi-frozen swamp to fall into and eventually the villagers found him.

The kid had a damaged vision and he sees everyone as monsters, eventually is put with another kid which on the dim light he seems like a very ugly monster. However he can hear him and eventually makes friends with him. The next morning he is feeling fine and that which he though was a monster was just the patch of the head who lost his eye.

And he realize while he is well, the other kid will never recover his vision fully.

Funny and weird dreams from today huh?



Starting early, FLISOL 2012


So this is a new year and I hope that we can get the wheels rolling about FLISOL. This year FLISOL will be happening on the 28 of April which give us room to perform. I hope that FLISOL this year can help me get even more exposure and make it able for everyone to participate.

The event consist on having many more people involved and have a good place to share the knowledge on the topics. But also to have a more long term vision about the project.

Looking forward to 2013 from now is something that I would love to do, and being able to perform a national event with stronger presence will make it much better not just for the event but for open source in the country as a whole.

I think that the communication channels need to get off the internet a bit and more into the mainstream so that more people are able to contribute for real.

This means that more talks about how to contribute would be a good start to get things on a higher level of deployment and awareness.

Hope to have a great celebration this year.

Is a Pizza party


When you see your friend on the cover of a book, you feel proud yourself as well.

This is what I fealt when I saw my friend Milo on the backcover of a book on APN (Advertising Page Networks). Talking about how to get started on web advertising, and athough it was a dream, it was so nice to see him, that I might drop him an email today just to see if he really went ahead and wrote one.

But hey is a nice dream right? I mean, it got better, and having fun with friends, when the computer lab turned into a whole party place, with friends eating pizza, seafood cocktails and chatting around stuff. I even end up picking the mic and dropping a few bars.

Yeah it was a short dream from what I remember, random conversations with friends to catch up with their lives but this wasnt mean tot be a long dream. After all, I already woke up earlier today, this was supposed to be a small nap. 🙂 So this is my latest dream, short and sweet.


Social Network Workshop

Last week I was working with a local school about the topic of social network in education. Is funny since just a few months ago I had an email rejecting the fact of using Facebook in Education, and later on I even heard it from other people how Facebook is just a waste of time.

Of course I know that by that, what he meant is that their students usually use it for crap.

I am a long time user of Facebook and our group, TQVCancun is founded really in this Facebook group.  However, I also acknowledge and see all the crap that is ‘shared’ on facebook and I agree with that waste of time.

That said, is a new day and I think that is important that teachers stop behaving like we are in the 20’s and start for once taking the challenge and moving toward a digital life environment.

It sucks that is 2012, and most peope carry around Blackberries, and the SMS is a thing of the past, and everyone can have internet access cheaply, and even public transportation have wifi. Yet, we still behave in school as if nothing of that had to do with the class. They still using these stupid books, with outdated information and have a very low dynamics.

Funny enough, that was the week iBooks2 was introduced and the coversation about technology finally reaching education was reviewed.

The truth of the matter is that being involved in this education community such as OLPC is something that we really wish we could expand the idea of using computers to teach, not to teach about computers. And to once and for all break the digital barrier with the teachers and work as virtual community with digital presence and digtial awareness.

So lets get this straight, social networks are nothing new, virtual communities are all over the internet and tools exist focus to tackle the deficit of media to increment education. What I found however was interessting a wide range of talents from teachers that knew about the tools, to teachers that were so foreign to them and where basically already on thei way out.

As smart move from my part was giving a final survey to review the course where interesting things came to the surface, such as I lack patience to be a teacher. Which I agree. Thats why they are the teachers and I am the expert. Here is the full report.


Other thing that I notice was the classic posture of blaming the government for not providing. While at the same time, not feeling to go the extra mile to achieve their teaching goals.

But the most disappointing part was the lack of original thought. This information, which was a lot, should have been able to spark some original ideas and share them online, or during the class. I hope they were not just shocked and these ideas and techniques put to use.


Chilled HEAT


Ok so this is my team to win it all, but is hard to be so optimistic when you are hanging with the 5th place (granted 3 teams are tied). But the Heat, the team that was No 1 in the NBA went down quite fast and hasn’t bounced back.

Not just that but their game has gone down as they start to play more games every night. Not just that, but there is also some injuries affecting the team hard and I think that Miami will not win the best record already.

So what is the problem? I think they started the season with blazing energy, swapping the teams away and making huge leads. Sometimes even blowing out huge leads, but still coming out with the W.

The issue is that as injuries strike  and games accumulate they seem to be dominated quite easily by weak teams like the Milwakee Bucks, Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Even a tripple over time with Atlanta was pretty under the Heat expectations.

So now the number two team, the Chicago Bulls are actually quite the opposite, they have been consistant on their game, and keep awarding themselves with W.

The funny thing is that the Chicago Bull doesn’t look that different from last year while the Heat actually looks better on paper yet have been through such drama.

So not just the Heat big 3 have an impact, but also the bench has been healthier than last season with Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and the rookie revelation Cole, have make the Heat depth grow exponentially.

So what happened?

For once their game is off, LeBron and Dwayne are shooting quite poorly, and I think that consistency from the free throw line has been one of the biggest issues.

Poor shooting, poor decision making on shots.. LeBron has been hugging the basketball way too much making poor choices on a team that is not used to mid-court game. Lots of last second shots with bad angles has been a constant on these games.

There is also the factor that Dwayne hasn’t really been healthy, a foot injury followed by a sprain ankle left the Heat without their 2nd man to give those fastbreaks a deadly combination.

Turnover’s galore, too careless of the ball, too much bad decisions on dribbles to the basket and just ugly rortation or no rotation by the team.

I hope that the team can get it back together by the time they play the Bulls cuz is going to be ugly loosing to the team you are trying to catch up. Fortunately enough, Heat has step up with strong teams. So, I hope they can recover and finally get back to play Miami Heat Basketball.

Don’t call it a comeback

OK It’s been a long time, I’ve shouldn’t left you, without dope beats to step to..

Nah this is not a hiphop post, but is wall I could think to discribe mi hiatus from blogging this month. And is not because I havent had enough things to say but rather I have been plainly lazy. So, to make it up I will list here a list of topics that I will be blogging the following days including:

  • My thoughts on the Miami Heat, I think they are pretty tired since they are not being as consistent and are being dominated by weak teams.
  • Experience doing the Social Network workshop on education, pretty interesting evolution of the course as well as results.
  • FLISOL is here, wow already, well not really but we are starting early and we need to tackle some critical issues from past FLISOLs and get the wheels rolling for 2013. Yes! think long-term.
  • Sugar strategies, it seems that this year I want to put more weight on the sugarcamp and OLPC related projects. Thankfully we already got things started in the local university.
  • LA, DR, Panama, where to go in 2012?
  • I need Gas, yeah, this thing is starting to become a whole story with plot and stuff, I just need hot water.
  • Hactivism, SOPA, Megaupload, ACTA and my thoughts on the topic.

So stay tuned, I hope to blog as much as I can before the month ends.

Vampire college graduation


Today I had a funny dream, where I was the observer of a teen scary movie. A movie where high school kids go to their graduation and they didn’t know they were part of a night from hell where everyone got to hang with a real life vampire. What is worst is that the vampire was the center of attention, the hottest most popular girl in the class.

I can’t remember her name but she was so hot, dressed to kill, he was definitly killing them. The girl was in such a trance, that she just wanted some hot sex with an animalistic instinct. But everything started with them getting ready for the prom, she (Suzan) was wearing a hot purple dress with her other girlfriends, and the guys were joking around with her, thinking she was high.  At the center of the group was Sasha with the most handsome tallest guy of the group –Johny.

 So they got into the limo and eventually Johnny signal everyone to go on the other car as he starts making out with Suzan. I went with the other guys and gals to the prom center. However on our way, the weirdes shit happened, we start seen some huge bats hanging from the trees. One of them start flying toward the car and we realize it wasnt a bat but more like a moth. They do enough damage to jump out off the car and run toward the center.

When we got in we eventually see that Suzan and Johnny were already there. Suzan dance like she was on a trance, eventually the night is over and they come back. She was already pretty wild and start having convultions. But everyone thought she was drunk and got her to bed, then the next day Suzan wakes up a bit like nothing happen to find out the whole house was empty.

During the night everyone turn into bats and left the house. It seems that the irony is that the healthy one got a bit of Suzan DNA and got change over the night.

As they change into bats they left the frat house and the movie was over.

For some reason I keep on the set to tape Immature donig the outro song all dressed up like they only do and singing about vampire stuff. End of Dream.

Pretty complex, and interesting dream, there were minor details like an F15 flying by and other curious stuff like a weed out guy playing a TurboGraf-16 but in essence that was my dream, dont mind what it means.

Also even thought I put Aaliyah on the cover, the girl of my dreams looked more like my friend from Costa Rica, brown skinned.

Welcome to 2012


So we reach 2012, and there are many things happening personally and also business wise. The biggest theme on the personal arena is about “being stable”.

What does being stable means and how my friends have achieve that stableness? For a while I have been interested on learning how my friends achieve what they have had and what things they haven’t achieved. During a meeting with a fellow friend with the same first name came to review. Only 2 stories within our 60+ friends have been able to make a future of their own. That means achieving a way of living without the help of their family.

However one of those stories, I have been one of those. I most say I am kind of proud.

On the business side, I got a call from a entrepreneur from a content company for certifications on Linux and soon Which is a great news to start the year, this might be the break that would give me a business direction for 2012.

Promoting their material and having an agreement that will allow me to grow business wise, will be great for everyone.

I hope when I get back to Cancun I would be able to find new ideas and will be able to have a win.