The Heat on Fire

Lebron dunking

Miami Heat have been coming back to their usualy “ON” mode. So I guess this is time to actually the plan all along. Reserve energy for the Playoff and at the same time play super-awesome games. Even though is still round one and the real games are still to come later in the Playoff.

The Knicks really don’t pose any real threat. However, Indiana and Chicago could be the real test. So I want to get into the matchups.


  • Forwards – Melo vs Lebron… so far LeBron has dominated. But Melo did had a comeback and maybe MSG could be an inspiration.
  • Center – Here Knicks have the bigger stick specially with Bosh out. So Anthony, Turiaf and even Haslem would have their hands full.
  • Amare – He has been a non factor really. Bosh even won the last matchup, so


  • Paul George – He can be a threat and go on fire which would be the Heat biggest focus.
  • David West – Straight up shooter, will be a tough guard for the Heat. Batier might be the big man here on the D.

The Bulls would be the biggest Matchup, no doubt althought is still questionable whenever the Bulls can survive Boston.