Got my ticket to Barcelona


So OOoCon2007 might be a reality, different from last year when things were just too stressful for me. I am prepared now to assist to the 2007 Conference in Barcelona, Spain.I have actively participate on the mailing list and also promoting the event on a different blog built exclusevely to keep latin america informed of the latests news.So the ticket was expensive but almost not as expensive as it first showed up. Originally it was priced at 2000 euros but after digging more and more I got it down to 1139 USD.


Blog migration

After some sweat nd tears I am finally in WordPress. My past blog used to be in some GPL engine that was very efficient but it just grew old and the development was death. As PHP is changing it’s internals I feel that I should switch to a more mantained Blog engine like WordPress.Bloq was developed by a Chzec guy by the name of Marek Nebesar or nebko. The migration was very intensive with the string management.  Specially on the scriptingpart. The use of sed and awk mixed with csv parsing and search and replace with and without regular expressions. I will blog about the process on a later tech-related blog.The job is not finished, I still need to go over the tiny details like the handling of categories and recover everything else. I also plan to join some of my past blogs. This is going to be very exciting and I hope I have no problem with the Opera Browser who is my main browser and is famous for not so good javascript handling.This blog will plan also to replace the other blogs which I labeled as emerency blogs such as the Opera community blog, and the Last.FM blog. I will matain those blogs but not as consistently as this one. I also plan to use wordpress open API to be able to blog from my desktop applications such as and gnoblog.