Development models on social FLOSS

Listening to TLLTS they presented a developer that is a dentist. He also had a great horror story on vertical software providers that keep their costumers hijacked. The story basically mentions on how the administration of the office relies 100% on these software to archieve their patient data, yet they are locked out of their data.

Once that is on however, there are some cool stuff on ways communities could organized themselves and foster their own tools. What we basically need is a better structured developer enterprise that can focus on the development on custom software. Software that won’t break the Bank of their costumers and that caan help the floss development as a whole.

Of course we really need to understand that these acceptance could also lead to much clash between the quality of service and the closlack of understanding of the client or against the IT policies.

I wonder if we could recreate the early environment when IT industry started making inroads and became a multy billion dollar business. Basically develop a sustainable model to foster development across companies but also get the target needs from these vertical markets. Get access to VC capital, hire programmers and specialists and run with that. Finally to have the channels and marketing techniques to push their products to foreign industries.