BizDev Reloaded

BizDev was a great idea that became a project but went stalled for a while. Having taken over the BizDev Project and showing the potential to the corporations on including in their strategy is clearly something that will start to develop the market interest.One of the main things is reportrait as a platform. thanks to the provement of industry acceptance. The idea of the development of applications whenever they are within, extensions or 3rd party products that connect to the as a platform can get the industry intterested and with a more clear view from the profitability model.Other ideas like a marketplace is also a great idea on the backburner on having a collection of companies showing up on the and having the community seal of approval.BizDev will definetly change for the best once that the communication start stearing up and the ideas become faster to implement.


Drafting a marketing plan for Mozilla Mexico

So lately Mozilla Mexico has been a bit disconnected. The work on the side of the community including the mailing list has been little to non-existent. However even with the uncertainty that surround this community after the summer I have manage to get some work done including the creation of a marketing plan. Althought as a community leader I want this to be a more distributed work. Get people to work on tiny little pieces and enrich the program working together.So during a Hornets at Boston game which I really enjoyed, I start writing on the marketing plan and start gaining from the work. The marketing plan was drafted from the skeleton from’s Strategic Marketing Plan.The skeleton covered key aspects of the marketing environment including the analisys of competition, environment, segmentation and many other entities.I am including the strategic marketing plan in case you want to review. So far I do a lot of analisys on competition and has sort of a good idea on how to aproach some of the biggest challenges that we have which start with communication and end with education and visibility.