Crypto Revolution

This year has been great so far for Bitcoin, our group Bitcuners have kept on with the DASH proposal and got it succesfully renewed for another 3 months. The price of DASH went sky high and our podcast has been picking up more viewers.

I hope my writting has been better lately because now I am an editor of a popular Bitcoin news site. Doing work for the news site has eat a lot of my blogging time, however, the reward of having such a great platform on a topic I love, has got me so happy.

Our cryptocurrency group has grown well beyond it’s infrastructure (space) and we should be looking for a larger platform. We have been pushing our group on social networks such as FB and Youtube and we would be able to gain more viewers.

Bitcuners at Starbucks in Cancun MX

Hope we can keep growing into events and accesibility for everyone in the market. Here are some videos that we were able to shoot during the meetup, people enjoying their time and also interacting and learning.


Tracing the Mexican Basketball World


Today I got contact by Google plus about tracing the different leagues and organizations around the basketball world in Mexico.

During the latest Olympics I was looking for the international leagues and how do they produce the other international teams.

From China, to Eastern Europe to Western Europe there seem to be leagues all around the world with a somewhat similar structure to the NBA. Also there is similar structures in basketball like the soccer leagues. But unlike soccer, the NBA is for most people THE baskeball world.

US Colege basketball is also very popular around the wold and since last season I have been watching some of these games last season. College basketball however is a bit overwealming and is hard to figure out the positioning of the teames in the overal league, who are the top spots, who are minor colleges and also the different class of teams. 

There is also laternative leagues like WNBA, and development league basketball.

But the question at hand is what about the national scene. In the past I was able to watch the local club in Quintana Roo and watched the team almost win a championship in the league finals. So here is the map of what I coudl sort out.

There is a professional league called LNBP, Liga nacional de baloncesto profesional. This would be something similar to the NBA in Mexico.

Then there is college mexican league which is a bit odd, since I only saw it mentioned by universities but there doesnt seem to be an official site. These are more like tournaments than leagues persay:

There is a lot of loose ends basically because the lack of structure and contact information, there seems to be a national show but no blogs, podcast or wikipedia that can explain the overal structure of these organizations and asociations. There is a lot of work to be done, but I hope I could contact some people more specialized across the sport.

Contributing to OLPC Mexico and Free software Forum in Government

Lately I have been getting more and more involved wiht the OLPC movement not just in Mexico but in latin america. The goal is to help to create a more suitable group here in Mexico towards the development of applications for the Sugar environment.

So far we have had a couple of meetups with some of the initial invitees, including the coordinator: Mariana Cortez and a bunch of guys from Social Media Club.

At the moment I have manage to localizae the Developer manual wiki, there still many strings to translate but at least the structure is somewhat complete with localized pages.

The next attempt is to fully translate each page, I hope that more people stand up and help me acomplish this.

On other note, two days ago there was an interesting event about Free Software in the government house. This included the talks of many big free software personalities including Richard Stallman. Some of the topics range from ACTA, DRM, Internet rights, Educational projects and many more topics relevant to stablishing a digital agenda.

The futureā€¦ Entrpreneurship in Mexico

This is the second post from the event this week about web 2.0, new media and entrpreneurship in my hometown. The great thing I took from this event was the grounded view of the environment. The innovation was not just some pie in the sky but they wanted to challenge the audience for real. Something that I seldomly see on the FLOSS events, something to challenge the mind of the n00bs but also put it clear on paper. Tell them to be active and do something, the best idea at least on this event was a hack-a-ton which even if it fails producing a good generation of apps developers this weekend. But the point is that they tried and even if they end up frustrated it could encourage them to try again and shape their criteria moving forward.
So things about entrepreneurship in Mexico is that is not only about what happens in the US. You still have to fight bureacracy, bad infrastructure, and just not a place designed to build corporations. However those are the question that you usually seek answers about on these events and documenting the answers about these virtual organizations and constitutions.
The event in general still struggled to address about how to monetize in Mexico. How to move money around and also raise capital on the internet. Not much mentions of monetization models versus growth based companies.

Drafting a marketing plan for Mozilla Mexico

So lately Mozilla Mexico has been a bit disconnected. The work on the side of the community including the mailing list has been little to non-existent. However even with the uncertainty that surround this community after the summer I have manage to get some work done including the creation of a marketing plan. Althought as a community leader I want this to be a more distributed work. Get people to work on tiny little pieces and enrich the program working together.So during a Hornets at Boston game which I really enjoyed, I start writing on the marketing plan and start gaining from the work. The marketing plan was drafted from the skeleton from’s Strategic Marketing Plan.The skeleton covered key aspects of the marketing environment including the analisys of competition, environment, segmentation and many other entities.I am including the strategic marketing plan in case you want to review. So far I do a lot of analisys on competition and has sort of a good idea on how to aproach some of the biggest challenges that we have which start with communication and end with education and visibility.