Cyberia and Lebron kick Kobe’s ass again

Live watching the game I have been witnessing an up and down game with tight defense at times and awful other times from the Cavs. On the Laker side it has been from strong to weak. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to record bicarbonato today thanks to this game.
Seems that the podcast we recorded on tuesday was awesome and many people have like it quite a bit. The official name end up being Cyberia ..vida online. The episode was pretty good, we had a good talk and most of the time I spent talking, but in the end the show went more dynamic. With people talk about their experience and dependency on the network.
I think as we go along making new shows we should be able to talk more about technology, development and more geeky stuff oh the web.
BTW Cavs won the game with LeBron rhyming at the end of the game 🙂