Let that ball bounce


So today I had a short but interesting dream, I was in my old college or a college similar to the one I went to. I was in the college library and I remember seen a bball on the floor, the ball was a bit old style and and was a bit rugged. However I start bouncing around the library till I head for the exit. Then I start seen how this was supposed to be some old memorabilia from the championship team of the school and the school wanted to sue me for bouncing that ball again around $5k per bounce.

The only thing is that they couldn’t prove that I was the one that bounce the ball and I basically play it cool and eventually got away with avoiding the lawsuit, which on a super finish ending to my dream I celebrate with a danceoff. Doing some grinding and shaking my ass. Pretty funny!


OLPC Jewelz in the Wiki

So I have been helping the OLPC project building and localizing many pages derived to the programming of python under the OLPC. It has been a rewarding experiencie but what I like the most is the huge ammount of technical documentation about processes and richness of the programming platform. For a very small and inexpensive device. I see there are lots of support for many things around the laptop.

From small programming languages like smalltalk, to python, to C to API for the hardware and support to create rich environments.

Contributing to OLPC Mexico and Free software Forum in Government

Lately I have been getting more and more involved wiht the OLPC movement not just in Mexico but in latin america. The goal is to help to create a more suitable group here in Mexico towards the development of applications for the Sugar environment.

So far we have had a couple of meetups with some of the initial invitees, including the coordinator: Mariana Cortez and a bunch of guys from Social Media Club.

At the moment I have manage to localizae the Developer manual wiki, there still many strings to translate but at least the structure is somewhat complete with localized pages.

The next attempt is to fully translate each page, I hope that more people stand up and help me acomplish this.

On other note, two days ago there was an interesting event about Free Software in the government house. This included the talks of many big free software personalities including Richard Stallman. Some of the topics range from ACTA, DRM, Internet rights, Educational projects and many more topics relevant to stablishing a digital agenda.

Magical Chambers and Apollo Brown

So I am listening to some music, Apollo Brown, The Left and that Beatles vs Wu-Tang clan. The tracks are blazin’

My mood is a bit uncertain right now, as I am recognizing the miracle of these albums and reading some of the blog posts about tomorrow’s game and also reading the ASF OpenOffice.org TDF crowd discussion I most say that I am a bit disapointed that the weekend came and probably go and I still havent gone to have fun at the beach. I think there is this like mental chain that even if the beach is at arms reach I feel like is so hard to go and chill and come back all withing a day.

Honestly I would like to go to Isla mujeres because it has some of the most cristal clear beach and also I really want to check it out. Last time I went was 2006 and is just around the corner.

Still searching for personal coolers, so far I have seen the vest and now I am looking at this neck device to attach to your neck and cool out for a bit. I guess I will try to give it a try.


Apache Foundation could spur innovation at OpenOffice.org


The aftermath of the latest declaration by Oracle giving the OOo project to the Apache foundation. This sent shakes across the Internet and some of the mailing lists across the web including declarations from everyone across the block of OOo including TDF and others.

However after reading some columns already, this change provides more certainty that the project will live on and that OOo will probably need to rebuilt itself.

The more I read, there is some hope from many developers including Rob Weir from IBM saying:

I have a vision of a free, high quality productivity suite, one based on open standards and open source, one that doesn’t treat the web and mobile and tablet form factors as a design afterthought

Other peers have expressed that TDF power struggles and now becomes a new community with a FLOSS seal of approval and that TDF members don’t control. Althought I wouldn’t take it like that, I would actually hope for a project refocus on a more aggresive strategy to flatten out the community, and make it more dynamic and forward thinking including having goals like Rob Weir.

On the flip side, I think it will be a great thing for ODF since the fileformat could become more web friendly. Having Apache push ODF further will make it more accepted not just to things like Apache Forest but also other projects that can integrate with frameworks like ODFDOM, Simple ODF API etc.