Stormy Cancun

So this had happened but it wasn’t really about a real storm. Today I had a dream while I took a midday nap because I woke up way too early. The dream was short but intense and involved living in an apartment like I do now, but not really the one i live in. Also there was kind of like a massive house party and people were coming and going everywhere. Later I realize they were mostly my friends from back home. They started teasing at me since I wasn’t really informed of this party and I got a bit upset.
Eventually we just did some joking around, and I was nervous trying not to get the party break stuff up on their drunkness or games.
All of a sudden a storm broke up, and it wasn’t a tipical storm, but like the arrival of a hurricane. In the middle of the night the clouds soon covered the sky and a few lightnings could be see at the distance. While the rain start brushing the ground like a water curtain, and inside, it was pouring. A very diagonal rain as the winds were also quite intense. I found like a garage under the house where I could keep dry even if the rain was coming in on a diagonal shape. I got some kindergarten plastic chair, pretty low to the ground, and started watching.
Soon my friends came to join me with a few beers and watched the lightning show and expecting for the power to be cut off anytime soon because of the winds.
There was some noise coming from the things being pushed off the street by the wind and even if we got some projectiles being thrown at us by the wind, it never got to the point to be harmful.
Eventually the wind died down, with the expectation of new rain coming thru. It was already some light of day and then we saw a military squad coming down the street with a dronecopter taking a visual angle on some shots of the damage. Quickly they built like a fence around our house and told us to get it back to the city council after the storm.
BTW the guy managing the drone, seemed to be his first time because he slam it against some advertising. Something that made me laugh.