My alma mater

During one of the many conversations that I have during the mailing lists involving technology and other matters I started talking about universities and colleges and the way they are structured. The funny part was that the more involved it was, the more it made me think about mine. However I don’t really feel my alma mater is of any relevance. The tradition was there, and the setup was probably better than most of the other ones talking about this. However I felt that there was something else that would have more impact in my life than college. Up to this day in my many dreams I still dream I am there and that is my basic education. From Kindergarten to High school I was involved in this school. Looking back it seems that tradition as well as many other things have become really important for us.

So I dedicate this post to my school, Colegio Arji. The school up to this day is pretty much what I advocate most of my character. I can say t hat after that school, my life has been a breeze.