Re-Designing the website

So I am thinking on re-designing my site into a more modern content. So far I have asked around and came with a structure that I hope that will work okay for the first part of my work. The content will include:

  • Community
  • Technologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Life
  • Blog and Contact

At least  for the first part this looks pretty good, so the idea is to update my experience on what I am currently doing right now. Basically my involvement with, the work I do and the talks I have given.  Also my recent upcoming into Mozilla Mexico and what I’ve been able to do so far.As far as technology it will go more technical like languages, frameworks, system administration, network setups and just basically geeky stuff. Also my training courses and different things that seem to be very upbeat now.Entrepreneurship will have some of the articles and different things that I have been working like clic and the training business.Finally Social will be surrounding my friends around the world and how my life has been as part of social interaction and life experiences. Places I’ve been, and overall description of who I am.Blogs and contact might be the first part but since I wont be adding anything new I rather just keep it like that.


Huge alert in my hometown

So I am originally from Tabasco and some of the things that have been happening lately had been really alarming. There has been a flood all over the state due to the heavy rain. The damps were saturated and a overboard of the rivers got the city virtually underwater. You can see some of the dramatic pictures that have been coming up lately:


Update WordPress to 2.2.2

Just update my blog to 2.2.2, it was pretty easy… Just download and untar it on top of the older folder and everything was done. I did do a backup of the database by using mysqldump and gzip.mysqldump -u $user -p [dbname] | gzip > wp-backup_0827.sql.gzThe whole thing was pretty painless.

Personal blog updated to WP 2.2

So I recently upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.2, which was recently announced at the WordPress original website. The upgrade process was simple however I had some order issues. It was considerebly faster from the last time however the workflow that I do to upgrade is still not perfect.First remember that I have SSH setup and I don’t have an FTP server. At least not one that is configured and currently running. One example was the use of of having a directory outside of the root of wordpress this gave me a lot of hassles when using the command line.The order I had was creating a folder next to the wordpress folder. The samples used a folder within the wordpress folder. This made the process go slower since I now hoad to play with the paths when moving the configuration files back to the new version folder.I think that creating a personal script that will do the backup as well as other things like extacting the files needed after the backup is done without having to backup all the files.Maybe is a chance to prove my Bash skills or even better a good Python project.


So my gf just got to the US about a week ago. However she got to a really country place. That means that everything is spread out and for her situation she doesn’t have a cellphone or an internet connection. This result in serious downtime and I have been think it how to keep in touch with her regardless of the distance. I used to be a free service freak, if the service went for pay I will almost instantly cancel it. However now I earn money and I can re-use this services to solve a problem. This came true when I was facing this situatiom. I remember a service that I onced used on their free format. The service is called UReach and the key thing is that they give you a 1-800 number in the US, this will allow you to have voicemail. However an even more premium service you can forward it to any phone in the world including International.So now my girlfriend is able to call me from any phone on the country at no cost for her.The next problem is how to keep in touch, since she will be working. I will need to make a way she can sms me back and forth. For that I am looking forward to get a phone for her. I was looking to the tracfone. The tracfone will focus on users that want a prepaid service. One of the advantages is that she doesn’t need a credit history in the country or whatever. You can get a prepaid as opposed to a plan without major identification. So for this reason tracfone serves me, also the most important is that is cheap so she can get it and trash it when she is done. She will also be able to just get a card and be able to call me back and forth.

Blog migration

After some sweat nd tears I am finally in WordPress. My past blog used to be in some GPL engine that was very efficient but it just grew old and the development was death. As PHP is changing it’s internals I feel that I should switch to a more mantained Blog engine like WordPress.Bloq was developed by a Chzec guy by the name of Marek Nebesar or nebko. The migration was very intensive with the string management.  Specially on the scriptingpart. The use of sed and awk mixed with csv parsing and search and replace with and without regular expressions. I will blog about the process on a later tech-related blog.The job is not finished, I still need to go over the tiny details like the handling of categories and recover everything else. I also plan to join some of my past blogs. This is going to be very exciting and I hope I have no problem with the Opera Browser who is my main browser and is famous for not so good javascript handling.This blog will plan also to replace the other blogs which I labeled as emerency blogs such as the Opera community blog, and the Last.FM blog. I will matain those blogs but not as consistently as this one. I also plan to use wordpress open API to be able to blog from my desktop applications such as and gnoblog.

Please remove my finger

Hi there, long time no see..Well I got an announcement, finally after almost 4 months it seems my toe might actually have a chance. After getting a really bad infection through a really nasty wound caused by my toenail. I went to a specialist and have parts of the invading nail removed.It was surprisingly fast and not as painful as I expect it. My finger actually is returning to the normal stage and I hope this will be definetive.

Live from Puebla

I just arrived to puebla to participate on the AIESEC activities. So far so good, good atendance. People are pretty shy right now. Hopefully they will open up. Most of them come in couples (bf gf), which is extremely lame. Simply because one of the fun part is not knowing nobody.Right now I am more concern on getting a sense of what we are going to do during this two days. I can answer myself if I am being just too picky on my trainsheep chances and how open is the other people.Is a busy day, full of activities and I am just falling asleep. A night in the bus wasn’t exactly fun. Well at least I got pictures. I should get more pics though. I got hundreds 😀