Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie

Thinking about having blueberry pie for Xmas. I talked to my mom about plans to have it done with this stuffing since here in Mexico is a bit hard to come across a massive bag of blueberries.


Pies and blowing up the bridge

Not much I remember from my dream yesterday except it was delicious I remember being in a buffet and being offered pie and I couldnt resist cuz they were all different berries. From strawberry to raspberry and finally blueberry. So what to do?

Well I got a bit of them all. Not too much but enough to have a happy desert session. Happy dream buffet.


The next dream was a bit more shocking, this one I was a terrorist. But not the usual muslim kinda terrorist but more of a street gang kind of group but with money. Something like the A-Team or Ocean’s 11, that decided to blow up a street bridge strategically.

What I do remember is the way they were fixing this huge bridge wasn’t really sautered or anything it was just hold by big blocks of unicell. Which I thought it was hillarious, nothing was broken it was just reattached. I think that was the crazy part of the dream.

I do remember that I was trying to scape and fly back home and was planning and aliby.


Twittab events

Seems that more and more we are leaving the old formats and going into other things like special places and parties. Now it was the Twit&Pizza event in a Bufete Pizza restaurant in a pretty good restaurant. The restaurant was full and we call forward for a 10 member table. We were lucky since we got 11 people showing up and everyone got the chance to chitchat and laugh about the many jokes that this group has. From a funny laugh to also commenting on the slow service (which speed up eventually). We got an odd table where the wifi didn’t quite reach the other side of the table and I wasn’t able to get online althought the other side could.

We also have a good time enjoying the birthday from the table next to us which did some dancing and stuff, the only annoyance was the loud music made it impossible to talk and we need to switch cellphones to basically pass messages around in order to communicate. All in all was a good idea and we enjoyed the food. I personally liked the “sweet pizzas” which I was curious to know how they taste like.

We talked about our ongoing projects, the news from TQV webmaster about pushing the shows on to his site and also having our own terrestial radio show in the local news outlet. Eventually it was fun and we had a good time, I would love to see an event like this happening, I started thinking about going bowling and doing a Twitt&Bowl so we can actually do more than just chit chat around food. Hope this turns out like a good thing in the future.

Looking into food and health

For a while I have been looking myself become more sedentary and more fat. Althought this is a really weird type fat, is like advancing slower than it should. Part in because I quit meat every other day. Well basically the point was never to quit meat but to lower the ammount of meat toxines into my body.So now that we have a lower income of meat it reates I guess a reduced allocation of fat. However recently I was suggested to try the Zone. The basics of the zone is not about eating less but about eating every single group in every single meal.Back when I was in new york? I was able to get very thin eating rice, asian rice. Full of grains and fiber I was able to lower my weight and I wasn’t feeling particuarly tired. However there was always a better way to look at things and Zone has partially won me except I still need to research over if the Zone is the definite best way to keep healthy.Eventually we all want to be healthy and we all want to be fit, but I still think that excersise is the only way to be fit. I need to get my lazy ass moving, there is no late rains to wet the court anymore so I think is time to start jumping on the car and drive to the park.