Looking into food and health

For a while I have been looking myself become more sedentary and more fat. Althought this is a really weird type fat, is like advancing slower than it should. Part in because I quit meat every other day. Well basically the point was never to quit meat but to lower the ammount of meat toxines into my body.So now that we have a lower income of meat it reates I guess a reduced allocation of fat. However recently I was suggested to try the Zone. The basics of the zone is not about eating less but about eating every single group in every single meal.Back when I was in new york? I was able to get very thin eating rice, asian rice. Full of grains and fiber I was able to lower my weight and I wasn’t feeling particuarly tired. However there was always a better way to look at things and Zone has partially won me except I still need to research over if the Zone is the definite best way to keep healthy.Eventually we all want to be healthy and we all want to be fit, but I still think that excersise is the only way to be fit. I need to get my lazy ass moving, there is no late rains to wet the court anymore so I think is time to start jumping on the car and drive to the park.