Why Bitcoin?

Earlier today I gave a talk about Why Bitcoin? on a local university. I have been giving a talk about bitcoin as part of this new community called Bitcuners. The community is doing some talks on local colleges with the intention of generating a buzz on the local community and interest to get people to use the Cryptocurrency and be able to exchange goods and services.

This is a snippet of my talk:

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

This is a great and awesome book that should be put on every geeky clan. The parody of having linux in your favorite roadkill make me think that there will be a flix about linux powered zombies. The way the whole book is portrait is actually interesting having many puns and just written like many Linux HOWTOs. The book so far has make me wondered if this is the first of a trend of self-ironic books that take the geeky customs of many communities and make hillarious fun while at the same time driving a cold chilling message arround.Before this post gets too dark, I’ll leave you guys with the cover…. pure awesomeness…


Marcons and highlights

When we wanted to talk about marketing contacts (MarCons) we wanted an entrepreneurial type that has the community interest in mind and can develop an expectation for the project leads to do their work.However these work involved the publicity of the community. What happens here is simple, the publicity of the community is a very light thing to say. Anyone can develop community publicity. So why would we want a project lead?Here is something new, the ego on egoboo. We can get the development without the selfishness. In the end a good lesson was learn and that is to get the other interests into account too. Asking on why are you into this for is important justt to be on the same page.