Few minutes to 2016 a quick talk about Bitcoin

So before 2016 arrives, I want to share the conference I did just a couple of days back in my hometown. The talk was on Bitcoin¬†and the Blockchain. The talk was organized quickly and I was a bit nervous the people or the venue wouldn’t be optimal for the talk. In the end things did went through but not exactly perfect.

I decided to create some new slides for my presentation. However, many images where just not done. This made it even more difficult as the time of my conference approached. I was nervous and I really wanted to have enough information without leaving it out without much content on it.

In the end I decided to settle and thought it was good enough and most people will ‘get’ the images as well as the content. Things seemed to be set, however upon arrival, I started experiencing issues with the projector. My screen didn’t come in, and after many tries I decided to give up and end up giving the talk with no slides.

Although scary I thought I knew enough on the topic to make¬†sense without getting trap into a corner. This also gave me more focus on what I said and the way I say it. Which end up being a blessing in the sky. The mental track of the topics I was mentioning were awesome and in the end I got to cover a lot of ground with so little time. I’ll share some of the pictures taken during the talk and the video itself of the talk.

During the conference about Bitcoin and the blockchain