Welcome to 2012


So we reach 2012, and there are many things happening personally and also business wise. The biggest theme on the personal arena is about “being stable”.

What does being stable means and how my friends have achieve that stableness? For a while I have been interested on learning how my friends achieve what they have had and what things they haven’t achieved. During a meeting with a fellow friend with the same first name came to review. Only 2 stories within our 60+ friends have been able to make a future of their own. That means achieving a way of living without the help of their family.

However one of those stories, I have been one of those. I most say I am kind of proud.

On the business side, I got a call from a entrepreneur from a content company for certifications on Linux and soon OpenOffice.org. Which is a great news to start the year, this might be the break that would give me a business direction for 2012.

Promoting their material and having an agreement that will allow me to grow business wise, will be great for everyone.

I hope when I get back to Cancun I would be able to find new ideas and will be able to have a win.