Vampire college graduation


Today I had a funny dream, where I was the observer of a teen scary movie. A movie where high school kids go to their graduation and they didn’t know they were part of a night from hell where everyone got to hang with a real life vampire. What is worst is that the vampire was the center of attention, the hottest most popular girl in the class.

I can’t remember her name but she was so hot, dressed to kill, he was definitly killing them. The girl was in such a trance, that she just wanted some hot sex with an animalistic instinct. But everything started with them getting ready for the prom, she (Suzan) was wearing a hot purple dress with her other girlfriends, and the guys were joking around with her, thinking she was high.  At the center of the group was Sasha with the most handsome tallest guy of the group –Johny.

 So they got into the limo and eventually Johnny signal everyone to go on the other car as he starts making out with Suzan. I went with the other guys and gals to the prom center. However on our way, the weirdes shit happened, we start seen some huge bats hanging from the trees. One of them start flying toward the car and we realize it wasnt a bat but more like a moth. They do enough damage to jump out off the car and run toward the center.

When we got in we eventually see that Suzan and Johnny were already there. Suzan dance like she was on a trance, eventually the night is over and they come back. She was already pretty wild and start having convultions. But everyone thought she was drunk and got her to bed, then the next day Suzan wakes up a bit like nothing happen to find out the whole house was empty.

During the night everyone turn into bats and left the house. It seems that the irony is that the healthy one got a bit of Suzan DNA and got change over the night.

As they change into bats they left the frat house and the movie was over.

For some reason I keep on the set to tape Immature donig the outro song all dressed up like they only do and singing about vampire stuff. End of Dream.

Pretty complex, and interesting dream, there were minor details like an F15 flying by and other curious stuff like a weed out guy playing a TurboGraf-16 but in essence that was my dream, dont mind what it means.

Also even thought I put Aaliyah on the cover, the girl of my dreams looked more like my friend from Costa Rica, brown skinned.