Final day at Gran Canarias Desktop Summit

So I’m writing this from my N800 at the airport, thinking about the event that happened at Gran Canarias this week. This last day there were mostly talks about the local community in spain. The first talk were abput the Telecentros in Brazil. I was interested about the technical talks but it was really more social. This talk focused about the use of Gnome on this telecentros. But also the way it improves people lives.The earlier night I got to spend a more serious talk with Alberto who were sharing the rather large hotel room that I got. We went out to get some food and resulted on a great talk about how FLOSS in Europe and Spain is growing and dealing with Microsoft. From the legal point of view as well as the techical one.Alberto was one of the key pieces against the OOXML / ISO debacle. He also has recently been fighging the issues about the laptop on education and whenever they will carry Linux or Windows.I also had the chance to meet Federico Mena, a fellow mexican that is a very proficient developer. Our talk was focused around the news related about Oracle and Sun buying and how would it affect the community. Most of the conversation drifted into who controls the technological agenda in OOo.Then had some more chattering with Frank from KDE and about the social factors and aplication within Since it seems that Frank really wants to innovate on this area. But we also realize that the roadblocks are many and we need to be very autocritical and protect the users.We agree on continuing implementing something easy and mainteinable without duplicating the other applications and also define if you want it to connect with the community or with other people.