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So I am finallyin Mexico and I have been doing a lot of work lately with what I felt that needed some. I have had meeting all along with some of the issues regarding the Open for business initiative, also the ODFKit and the deals with the Valencian government.I have also been interested with the things going on at UX and have solidify my position on getting rid of the upper toolbar. Another project which I have driven my attention is webdev which did a recent upgrade on the wiki and it affect the template from OOo.I wonder if I should update my wordpress theme to the OOo site type of theme. I really like the way that theme blends and is a very cool factor. I also had done this in the past fo the mediawiki and would like to see it on my site. Plus the wordpress community could benefit from it.Finally I am trying to get back in touch with the contacts from Brazil and make an impact and an alliance. The program RCSLA is one of the projects about sustainability on free software development.Well seems that plans keep coming and I will need to be developing them for as far as I can.