LeBron mini vacations during the playoffs

So the Cavs have swept and the NBA playoffs will go into a mini-break since there wont be any more games from the King the rest of the week which is pretty boring, but also good since I will be able to focus on other things.

One big thing a lot of people are commenting is that the lack of defense from the Cavs could become an issue on the finals. However I think that’s just something to pick on since it doesn’t seem to be anything else to critique. Having to critique wins is also something that I think it happened last year. Where all the games versus the Detroit Pistons were pretty close

King James in action

Fortunately this time around the media will get on a critique exhaustion and will find something new to talk about and let the Cavs play their game throughout the Eastern conference playoffs. Is still early on the season and if the Cavs sweep again the Raptor then it might start becoming something of a front to the excitement of the NBA in May.

So for all the rants and raves of the regular season about rest, he will have plenty between series since he doesn’t seem to stop from sweeping people.

Where to get your NBA Fix?

I have been following plenty of podcasts and Youtube shows, I recommend a few:

  • TrueHoop
  • Jalen and Jacoby
  • NBA Lockdown
  • The Jump

Most of the time I am getting the video version on youtube, from the Jalen and Jacoby channel as well as NBA Life.

So feel free to browse through Youtube and enjoy some good sport TV on demand.