Python on the College Scene

Python is the most frequently taught programming language in introductory computer science classes. There are many universities and colleges training students in Python, as well as many online classes to help introduce new people to coding, via Python.

Not sure if I would see this coming soon to universities around the world like Latin America and Africa, but I hope that there is a change of heart at the universities and start pushing innovation.


Advertisement and education paradigm

I havent blog in a pretty long time and today might just be the kind of days that I am inspired and just want to put some of my thoughts on paper…err.. blog. So this week I have had some conferences on skype about the future of the education project and the certification development. I can’t comment enough but I think this is going to be something that might just work. So far I have make some decisions about the way we can push on the universities. From a migration to a simple course is a big cutback and I think we shouldnt stop pushing the migration option but .. we should enforce other vehiecles that are easier to deploy. So far the conferences look promising and I hope we can get to a good outcome. We also have a good closed market to get us going so the incentive to get the certification done is unpaired. however we still need to do a lot of politics to get this done.The impact a certification could have in Mexico and Spain if properly adviced can reach a great entry for the rest of the project.