Crypto-tipping platforms

So I have been playing with the crypto tipping platforms. I decided that bitcoin even with its satoshis is too damn expensive to play with it. So I jump on the Doge rocket. I found that fees for Doge are way more affordable, and sign up to a bunch of Doge. Now, I dont really use Reddit, so I focus more on platforms I knew about. First one was #Twitter then #Facebook I am sure there won’t be much instagram or pinterest but who knows.
Meanwhile I decided to sign up for two bots that came fast into the suggested contacts. One is @DogetipBot and the other is @Tipdoge. The first one seemed a bit too corporate, I mean, I was presented with a dashboard and a high level search engine, however it was confusing since there was no documentation.
Actually none of the bots had great documentation, but at least with the 2nd one it was easier to handle. Specially when the commands are only 3.

  • Balance
  • Widthraw
  • Tip
  • Deposit

Since I didn’t had an account Balance was the first one with an expected message, 0 Balance. But when I put widthraw I was faced with a new DOGE wallet. Which allowed me to send some Doge’s from my Cryptsy account. Cryptsy is an altcoin trading platform which also give you wallets for all the altcoins you have purchased.

So once I tip off my new wallet I was ready to spread the Doges. First one didn’t work, I tried to put the ‘D’ on the number, and it seems that it kept ignoring the message. Once I took it off I was favorite by the bot which meant it was a good thing. In the end I was able to do have this:


The Dodge bot has give me many replies and now I am able to tip people on twitter for the Lolz. Is a great way to say thanks.

The next bot would be on Facebook, and I already found one. Is only a matter of learing how to use it.  Will keep posted.


Twittab events

Seems that more and more we are leaving the old formats and going into other things like special places and parties. Now it was the Twit&Pizza event in a Bufete Pizza restaurant in a pretty good restaurant. The restaurant was full and we call forward for a 10 member table. We were lucky since we got 11 people showing up and everyone got the chance to chitchat and laugh about the many jokes that this group has. From a funny laugh to also commenting on the slow service (which speed up eventually). We got an odd table where the wifi didn’t quite reach the other side of the table and I wasn’t able to get online althought the other side could.

We also have a good time enjoying the birthday from the table next to us which did some dancing and stuff, the only annoyance was the loud music made it impossible to talk and we need to switch cellphones to basically pass messages around in order to communicate. All in all was a good idea and we enjoyed the food. I personally liked the “sweet pizzas” which I was curious to know how they taste like.

We talked about our ongoing projects, the news from TQV webmaster about pushing the shows on to his site and also having our own terrestial radio show in the local news outlet. Eventually it was fun and we had a good time, I would love to see an event like this happening, I started thinking about going bowling and doing a Twitt&Bowl so we can actually do more than just chit chat around food. Hope this turns out like a good thing in the future.