Robots and patriots


Today’s dream was another great sci fi flick although rather political for its nature. So the autobots and decepticon war was still starting or maybe the conflict was minimized during that period, I wasnt entirely sure. However the latest battle had a descepticon smaller robot prisioner and the autobots want it to give it to the humans as a gift. 
They threw a plane as an extra and pack their trip to earth through the hyperspace wormholes.
As we were aproaching earth they wanted to make contact with their human that discovered them. Instead they needed to deal with the military. This earth however had just went through a large world war and the comunist countries were the strongest. Both the US and China were severly damaged and Rusia, Venezuela, Chile, Romania and Spain formed a communist league which were leading the reconstuction post war. Thats where the autobots delivered the gift as well of some defense and infrastructure technology to rebuild the world.
The event to recieve such gifts was also an open invitation for Mexico to join the union. However the closeness with the US made it hard to go one way or the other.
In the end I had to stay with an old friend, she was a beautiful agent from Romania. Her sister was also not bad and while I saw her coming back from the base in that boring secretary suit, her sister was already cooking naked on the kitchen. Tonight we will celebreate all three in the same bed. But a report had to be sent before I have to go back to the space base.
In the end I was thinking on how these governments will hold up with so many other countries, many sleeping giants with a different idea on rulling and some even with a rejection to a concept of government itself. Treating people like an army was never a good idea, nor treating them like in constant scare of poverty making a big government as the only provider.
We have to get back to the report before the girls finish the dinner….