New FLOSS podcasts available

OSUM Podcast is a project started by Miguel Angel Frías Bonfil and Alexandro Colorado where we basically talk about the community that carry the name of the podcast. Is a space where we talk about tech news relevant to the community and about collaborations and things happening around OSUM. We also comment on some of the questions that happens on the forums.

On this first episode we focus on explaining the project as this podcast invite the community to participate the rest of the community so we hope for feedback and get better knowledge about the open source projects available.

We invite the listeners from OSUM to send their suggestions, comment and also participate as guests of the show. Send topics you want us to discuss and also make questions regarding the tech.


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Another podcast that is being launched is Open  Chimichanga project, a podcast produced by Miguel Angel Barajas, where he also talk about relevant free software topics. His first show he and his co-host or invite, Mauro Parra, discuss topics such as skipfish, a tool developed by Google engineers to test web providers. They also talk about how to develop and charge about developing applications for Android and Iphone.

His second podcast that is really his first official one they have a more polished show and keep talking about Android and also about Novel’s new SuSE Studio project. available on this link.