FISL10 – Day 2


This is these conference day of the talk and we got Aaron Newcomb on the talk about using video to communicate about Open source software. The first day was more about the expo, this one is more about the conference, not that the first day had no conferences, but I wasn’t very aware of them until the very end.The talk on Aaron talks about video blog, and general video on the web, with free software of course. Talking about cinerella and other video tools.The issue of flamewars and other issues that make things simpler and less analog. Open network system live with John Fowler Aaron talk about Lumiera which is a new project about video editing. So seems that we could use more and better apps into Linux. OpenMovieEditors another app also useful to do video editing.After the apps we looked into the codecs and transcoding tools about the different formats including Theora, H264 and other video transcoding tools.Aaron went on to do a demo of the video editing tools with cinelerra and how he do some of his editing. He took some recording of the conference and then he replaced it with some external audit track.The final part of the talk was more about the web services to manage videos.


Using OOo for many things

Lately I want to get Draw up to speed however even thought I gain a lot of new colors to patch into Draw I saw that there might be a lot of problems regarding the development of colors and design. I went to Scribus and then I could get into a color design patterns and then I went into importing the colors into Draw.With 600 colors on the backburner Draw could improve a lot with the color design. However there is a big threat by having something that I just faced called. “Sun’s unwritten laws” where we can get draw and drive development to expand upon the functionality of from beyond.