Miami Heat slow start

So new season and the two time defending champion Miami Heat was great. The new season is a bit slow and there are some talk about being a bit out of rhythm and chemistry. However LeBron and Wade are pretty much on top physical shape and I think once they glue better they will also be unstoppable like always.

Miami however would and should be coasting and don’t really¬† need to have another streak. At least not yet. After all media would be media but the real test comes when they reach the playoffs.

Miami has indeed show up against the stronger teams like the Clippers, Bulls, and even Brooklyn, but the smaller teams like Celtics, 76ers, and others have been rather relaxed.

Personally I think that this is something that doesn’t need to pay as much attention until we can get some real playoff positioning. The most important thing is to preserve health.

Miami can take it easy as long as they gain/preserve health.