Religion 2.0

Most of these religions are outdated and don’t really fit the modern society. Modern religions like humanism or singularity (transhumanism), or others like gaiaism. Also carry a less rigid structure of religion and more of an ideology, just like some asian religions like taoism, shintoism and confusionism mengle with Buddhism.

 Judaism, Christianism and Islamism are all on a zero-sum game structure which is somewhat antiquated for modern times.

So what is religion. At it’s core religion tries two answer the two basic questions of humanity:

  • Where we come from?
  • Where we are going?

Then we have a second layer that takes care of basic moral rules on how we need to conduct. Since most of the previous answers usually talks about a ‘god’, this rules are tightly integrated with the concept of god’s law.

Second we have a set of locks or code, that the religious devoted should live by on regular life. Like “go to church every sunday” or “bless food before eating” or sanitary rules of “keep yourself clean”.

Most religions were actually old system political models, so as any kingdom or government the goal was trying to expand the kingdom so a set of rules to expand the religious army was needed. So you got the locks like, “you either marry your same religion, or make him convert” and “is illegal to convert to other religion or adore other gods“.

Most of these rules in modern age, are of course obsolete, and usually the way to address the core questions are usually what is more at stake to be consider a religion.

Society has change, and usually the competition on who got the biggest population is a non-issue. So many of these rules shouldn’t be enforced. So we are left with the two core questions. Science usually takes (or tries to seek) for a definite answer. So modern religious is inclusive of science, as well as think forward into alternative ways of potentially living (see posthumanism or transhumanism).

Also as this are more label as ideology, they could live together with other religions or ideologies. Just like Japanese-american show the merge of two cultures, Christian humanist is also a merge of different ideologies.

Becoming a pure “humanist” (or other modern religion) could happen as well.