deadlines, deadlines deadlines….


The year has just started but a lot of efforts are already finalizing. So we have a couple of big deadlines. One for the documentation and the other for the product. The product being the product you use at your house. The spanish just finalize the pootle tree earlier this noon. The next step is to upstream it and wait for the second cycle of the localization somewhere in february.Things learned during this cycle? Well we definetly need to put our strenght on the translation memory and get some glossary of our own. This might help many and make it easier to localize. Sungloss is ok but is not open enough and maybe having our own Sungloss might make it more usable. The next deadline is for the OOoAuthors project. This makes the OOoAuthors now our primary project to finalize before January 15th.The list includes more than 15 documents. Some people came back to claim their documents back but this still had most of the documents orphans.