Documentation meetup at IRC

So today I am live blogging my meetup with the guys from the Spanish documentation project. We will try to re-define the process to have a better implementation of the process that we use for documentation.

-0:20  First atendee came through to the meetup.
-0:15 Most of the attendees came through already mostly the part from Spain, we still waiting up on some of the guys from latin america.
-0:07 First atendee from latin america came on.
-0:05 I announce the meeting to start in 5 minutes.
0:03 We start the meeting
0:05 First atendee talked about the status of the site, and the current process. He agree the current process is fine.
0:07 The proponent asked about the orientation of the site should be focused on contributors or admins.
0:11 Discussion about who is right.
0:14 Last atendee came on the meetup.
0:18 Re introduction of the other question regarding colaborators or content.
0:20 Discussion about templates
0:25 Talks about the possible migration to Alfresco
0:30 Question the validity of the list to manage the whole project
0:33 Talk about the possibility to selfassign documents
0:35 Discussion about new and more documentation and how will it affect/benefit users
0:40 Talks about new documentation to explain changes.
0:45 Discussion about a template/guide for localization
0:49 Discussion about the weakness of the security on filesystem level  (any member can delete anything)
0:52 Call for conclusions
0:59 Call for a follow up meetup
1:01 Call for simplicity
1:04 Call for census and list the active members
1:09 Discussion about pulverization of information (wiki, website and worksite)
1:17 Disucssion on the use of the wiki versus website
1:23 Call for archieving up the documents on the website
1:34 Call for a ToDo list (agenda)
1:39 Agreement on Wiki
1:41 Call for conclusion ( clean up the website, list active users, create HTML interface for website, new follow up meetups with agenda)
1:45 Discussion about listing the users
1:46 Meetup wrapup

I think the meeting was somewhat productive, personally I think that we have different way of working together. Some volunteers are focused on a top down reeingneering while others work on incremental changes. Without a mediation on this barrier I think both parties will become frustrated and might missinterprate the discussion.


deadlines, deadlines deadlines….


The year has just started but a lot of efforts are already finalizing. So we have a couple of big deadlines. One for the documentation and the other for the product. The product being the product you use at your house. The spanish just finalize the pootle tree earlier this noon. The next step is to upstream it and wait for the second cycle of the localization somewhere in february.Things learned during this cycle? Well we definetly need to put our strenght on the translation memory and get some glossary of our own. This might help many and make it easier to localize. Sungloss is ok but is not open enough and maybe having our own Sungloss might make it more usable. The next deadline is for the OOoAuthors project. This makes the OOoAuthors now our primary project to finalize before January 15th.The list includes more than 15 documents. Some people came back to claim their documents back but this still had most of the documents orphans.