OOo4Kids 1.2 es lanzado

Replicado del post de Eric Bachard

Desde hace 10 días, la versión de 1.2 de OOo4Kids fue lanzado. Haz clic esta liga para descargarlo OOo4Kids ha sido lanzado para Windows (instalable y portable), Mac OSX (Intel y PowerPC) o GNU/Linux.


Nuevo startcenter (gracias para Phillipp Lohmann para su grán ayuda)
Cambia el nivel de uso directamente, usando la nueva entrada de menú Ver -> Nivel de Usuario Gracias a Ramtin Khoshniat and Julien Piret del Ecole Commerciale et Industrielle d’Ecaussinnes por su trabajo.
Nuevo modo de cursor, para modo de anotación de Impress. Codigo probado de Benjamin Vialle y Clement Delafargue, de Ecole Centrale Nantes. Gracias a esto!
Nuevo locales: Griegos (gracias a Anas Drakopoulos), Danes (gracias a Peter Leth para la traducción), Ruso y Ucraniano (gracias a Grygorij Gromko para la traducción)
Optimización ARM (OMAP3, Freescale i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz), and genric armv6+ instruction set) Gracias a Simon Guinot and Fabien Rendu por su ayuda.

Otros cambios: mejoras de auto-corrección (gracias a Loic Breilloux), port OpenBSD (gracias a RobertNagy) y mucha mas…!!
Para el completo cambio de lista, desde OOo4Kids 1.1 ver el changelog completo.

Versión Debian / Ubuntu
.rpm  son disponibles, pero el .deb, ahora tenemos nuestro repositorio (no oficial) de Debian.

Paso 1: pasa esta linea a la lista de apt-sources:

Paso 2: corre run apt-get update (como root, o usando sudo)

Paso 3: instalar la versión de localización de tu elección
eg. Para versión francesa, solo corre, como root: apt-get install ooo4kids-fr (para versión francesa, pero otras estan disponibles, y solo debes reemplazar fr por tu localización)
Localizaciones disponibles: ar, da, de, es, el, en-us, fi, fr, it, nb, nl, pt, ru, sl, uk, zh-cn, zh-tw

IMPORTANTE: procura desinstalar previamente el OOo4Kids.
Instalar ooo4kids-$tu_idioma ejemplo apt-get install ooo4kids-fr

versión XO
Ver esta pagina. Gracias a Bastien Guerry


canal #ooo4kids
Nuestro Wiki

No se te olvide donar
Como puedes ver en nuestra página de descarga, estamos cerca a 750,000 descargas. La mala noticia es que las donaciones aun no se han dado desde hace 10 dias (solo 50 euros si no es que menos) Recuerda que te damos todo sin costo, pero no es que no cueste, y nostros debemos pagar el servicio de servidor y otros gastos.  Gracias por adelantado.


OOo4Kids 1.2 is out

This week OOo4Kids saw the light  of day however there are still some things that we need to go through to call it a formal release. Here I will try to push some of the biggest difference between the previous release.

As always there is a good deal of fixed bugs, the ones that I saw more useful was the UI fixes on the cursor. Thanks to Eric Bachard, Benjamin Vialle and Clement Delafargue for the cursor mode on Impress annotation mode. There was a geat deal of work on the Startcenter thanks to Phillips Lohman. Bibliography module had some work arounds as well and some fixes on the windows installer.

The biggest change is also getting rid of the java library javaldx, javacontext, libjvmaccess, libjvmfwk which add a lot of memory heaviness to the original OOo. Well what you expect? is Java.

There were some new locales added, specifically the greek locale, and a por to the ARM processor which has been a HUGE thing specially given that many cellphones and mobile devices carry the ARM7 architecture.

These seems to line up most of the work fom OOo4Kids, we hope more contributions come in the future.


OOo4Kids adaptive technology for everybody

OOo4Kids and Educoo provide a great value to the office ecosystem, their unique approach to target good and well qualified basic education software for K-12 is definitly something that teachers and schools around the world ought to adopt. OOo4Kids best practices are what makes free software movement so great. They have the resources to target issues that commercial entities might think too risky. At the same time, this market could mature into something that can be more appealing as time go by.

OOo4Kids provides the unique advantages of having an adaptive interface which makes users learn step by step the ways to generate and interact with documents, basic maths and other more fine-tuned targets.

Also the engineers at Educoo has  been pretty agile adapting it to other educational efforts such as the One Laptop per child project which is one of the most revolutionary movements to elevate the education level around the world.

At the same time, I think OOo4Kids could become one of the best used software products if it’s target correctly because of the relative simplicity of the program. It might not look like much but having an office suite that can scale at the user speed is something that can help everyone have a better understandment of how users interact with technology and make it more open to the rest of all.

You can find more information about OOo4Kids at