Collaboration, ODFkit and social office place

Today we had a nice day with lots of conversations happening at the Gran Canarias Desktop Summit. More conversation about the ODFkit which also gave us our need to understand webkit better. Also an alternative idea is basically understand ODFpy and go through that route. This will allow us lower our cost of design, and basically just change it to a port.However now there are three ways:

  • Implement ODF the webkit way
  • Do a port from ODFpy to C and optimize it for speed
  • Create a libODF from scratch with optimization in mind

Any of this implementation could become a foundation to develop more ODF tools and make it more accessible for everyone.The other parts of the day were pretty awesome, involved the review of interesting technology from freedesktop called Telepathy and farsight.This technology can greatly push the agenda for both collaboration and social desktop.At the end of the day I finally met with Luis Cabrera and attended the issues within Ecuador development of an universal dictionary for multiple languages. This will allow and open the contribution as well as have more efficiency.We even went on to record a podcast about the issues that we’ll distribute in private ways with the rest of the team. We are looking forward to restart development.