Lebron James is Happy!!!

So Lebron is one of the smartest players on the court right now. He portrays a cool, in-control dude that knows analyze and is focused on the ultimate goal. He doesn’t mind about sweeping teams but to get to the championships. However Nike has another idea on what Lebron should be. Making his alter-ego waaay too excited about his recent achievements, taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to the number 1 spot in the NBA even thought they failed a very nice mark, wining and MVP and classifiying into the playoff.This hillarious commercial takes the rivality between Kobe and Lebron to a whole new angle. This hillarious commercials show a puppet (or muppet) of Kobe and Lebron getting ready for the playoff. And while Kobe is all cool and relaxed, muppet LeBron is in extacy, running around the room from corner to corner yelling about the MVP and getting excited is playoff season. A complete opposite of what LeBron is right now, focused and even too serious and unanimated about his achievements.

However this couldn’t be a blog if there was no ranting going on. I wonder what was the point of Nike? I mean LeBron is very collected, and even thought he is just 24, he still very collected and not making passionate remarks, so why portray him as inmatture? Maybe is like the relationship between Penny Hardaway and Lil’ Penny which was a more wilder version of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.Comment if you find this commercial funny 🙂