Joey Crawford conspiracy

Don’t you love when a conspiracy is debunked, many of the LeBron haters been constantly hinting that LeBron fixes the games and that the NBA is behind it. All thanks to the referees, since most fans only know one name, they all try to use him for their memes. And that’s the birth of the Joey Crawford Conspiracy. Let’s face it, when LeBron loses, the haters are waaay to busy to remember who was the referee. But when he wins, oh boy, every single piece of the game is used to disqualify LeBron’s legacy.

However don’t you love when someone actually go into the numbers and tries to pull out the true stats? Well someone did in this case and the results couldn’t be more opposite to the myth.

Contrary to popular belief, James was winning percentage dropped by a pretty solid margin (from .669 to .521) in games in which Crawford was an official. Though it’s an admittedly small sample size, I would have to say that any notion of Crawford being biased towards James would have to be thrown out the window.

Stats of LBJ winning percentage on games where Joey Crawford officiate. Complete Opposite.
Stats of LBJ winning percentage on games where Joey Crawford officiate. Complete Opposite.

So in the end, memes such as Joey using LBJ team jersey as the 6th player on the floor. Or LeBron kneeling before Joey should be shoved with this stat.

In the end is no surprise that haters gonna hate. But at least we could make their hate more legitimate.

Source: Truschoolsports


Chilled HEAT


Ok so this is my team to win it all, but is hard to be so optimistic when you are hanging with the 5th place (granted 3 teams are tied). But the Heat, the team that was No 1 in the NBA went down quite fast and hasn’t bounced back.

Not just that but their game has gone down as they start to play more games every night. Not just that, but there is also some injuries affecting the team hard and I think that Miami will not win the best record already.

So what is the problem? I think they started the season with blazing energy, swapping the teams away and making huge leads. Sometimes even blowing out huge leads, but still coming out with the W.

The issue is that as injuries strike  and games accumulate they seem to be dominated quite easily by weak teams like the Milwakee Bucks, Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Even a tripple over time with Atlanta was pretty under the Heat expectations.

So now the number two team, the Chicago Bulls are actually quite the opposite, they have been consistant on their game, and keep awarding themselves with W.

The funny thing is that the Chicago Bull doesn’t look that different from last year while the Heat actually looks better on paper yet have been through such drama.

So not just the Heat big 3 have an impact, but also the bench has been healthier than last season with Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and the rookie revelation Cole, have make the Heat depth grow exponentially.

So what happened?

For once their game is off, LeBron and Dwayne are shooting quite poorly, and I think that consistency from the free throw line has been one of the biggest issues.

Poor shooting, poor decision making on shots.. LeBron has been hugging the basketball way too much making poor choices on a team that is not used to mid-court game. Lots of last second shots with bad angles has been a constant on these games.

There is also the factor that Dwayne hasn’t really been healthy, a foot injury followed by a sprain ankle left the Heat without their 2nd man to give those fastbreaks a deadly combination.

Turnover’s galore, too careless of the ball, too much bad decisions on dribbles to the basket and just ugly rortation or no rotation by the team.

I hope that the team can get it back together by the time they play the Bulls cuz is going to be ugly loosing to the team you are trying to catch up. Fortunately enough, Heat has step up with strong teams. So, I hope they can recover and finally get back to play Miami Heat Basketball.

Things to thank in 2011

So the last post of the year as I will try to look back on my personal life. My achivements and things that I think are moving for the next year.

  • A whole year living in Cancun, nothing like chilling next to a beautiful beach. 
  • Flying to New York and watching the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, Immortal technique etc 
  • Starting the certification for as well as the Internships 
  • Building a new tech community in Cancun with Tequilla Valley 
  • Becoming the technical lead for OLPC Mexico and country manager for FLISOL and Software Freedom Day 
  • Giving some PHD classes on free software

Some goals for new year include:

  • Expand the certification project to the rest of the world 
  • Moving back to Europe 
  • Going to ApacheCon and representing OpenOffice 
  • Consolidating a olpc group in sugar development in Cancun 
  • Push better quality and development community 
  • Finalize the OpenOffice guide and bring it up to par with the english version 
  • Give out a course on free software processes and environment for enterprise 
  • Follow the NBA and see Lebron James live game

Heat all you can be


With the series about to finish, the Heatless are about to finish their first tour through Philly. I think this games were pretty tough for what the Heat has done through the regular season. Besides games 2, where they won by 30 really, the trip to Philly was been well fought. Game 3 was a whole night with Philly leading the game until the 4th where Wayde and LBJ took over and won realtively confortable.

Game 4 so far seems like the sweep opportunity but with the Bulls loosing on the last game against the Pacers, Heat needed to remind us all the season is not over. Philly start very strong in Game 4 and Heat fell on a 20 pt deficit, fortunately they proved they could come back and finish the halftime ahead. This was a good wake up call but the whole 3rd Heat really couldn’t control the game yet. By the 4th Heat finally start taking over with still half of the quarter being fought.

Even after the largest lead by 7, Philly came back put it back to 3. Then Heat make a good push and Philly tie them up. This is where the killer instict should be up and instead of increasing the defense, the small drives are perforating the Heat defense. I think if Heat needs to learn something is how to guard the point guard, I know they want to steal and block the shots, that’s why they are more caring about doing that, than making a stop and most times it works. But when they fell, they fell misserably.

Anyway I think that the game was pretty good, fought to the last minute and the opportunities where there to put them to rest. Maybe next game like that they will be able to do just that. Right  now Heat will shut down this one with a sweep and wait on Celtics for the super matchup.


NBA Playoff is a few hours to start


Is finally that playoff time where the Heat really has the time to show and prove and they are doing just great. even without the expectations of the team having the second best number in the east is as good as it can get. well no 1 would be the best but then again is not really about seen Chitown’s threat but about beating Boston.

With LeBron James and Dwayne Wade going playoff mode, we can see a new face of the game that Miami hasn’t shown in the regular season. However the overanlization of the team has overshadow their greatness, and their huge runs.

Hope to see what the other teams will do, beside Boston, Spurs and Lakers, everyone seems to be good.

On a related note, I havent really read the NBA blogs that much, dunno why, but they seem interesting. I should quote some of them for the Heat and Sixers matchup.

The margin for error is small, but the Sixers have found success by limiting their mistakes. They don’t shoot the ball particularly well, but they did have the league’s lowest turnover percentage in the league and 11th-highest assist rate. On the other end of the floor, they had a top-10 defense.

The defense is the key, because stops allow them to run. That’s when the Sixers are most effective and most entertaining. And in making the most of what they’ve got, the Sixers have made Collins a Coach of the Year candidate.

This is no suprise, defense and avoid mistakes, however is much easier said than done. Avoid mistakes when you are playing against the best defense in the NBA is really just a dream. You will make mistakes and what is worth, they will capitalize on that.

The season is heating up

off the back two hand jam

With the season now beyond the All-Star break a new lineup is happening as the Denver Nuggets have lost the touch and teams like the Magics and Maverics have become tougher and hotter. Then again is the Lakers which have been able to hold on to their title lead on the West however the Cavaliers still reign supreme with Lebron  making people give something to talk about.


Finally some Michael Jordan news when he took the GM of Charlotte new posts have been coming up about the expectation that the game faces when the greatest player is now the owner of the team. The throwback to last year speech about Jordan’s life insight also became a major event that is always great to remember.

Lebron James is Happy!!!

So Lebron is one of the smartest players on the court right now. He portrays a cool, in-control dude that knows analyze and is focused on the ultimate goal. He doesn’t mind about sweeping teams but to get to the championships. However Nike has another idea on what Lebron should be. Making his alter-ego waaay too excited about his recent achievements, taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to the number 1 spot in the NBA even thought they failed a very nice mark, wining and MVP and classifiying into the playoff.This hillarious commercial takes the rivality between Kobe and Lebron to a whole new angle. This hillarious commercials show a puppet (or muppet) of Kobe and Lebron getting ready for the playoff. And while Kobe is all cool and relaxed, muppet LeBron is in extacy, running around the room from corner to corner yelling about the MVP and getting excited is playoff season. A complete opposite of what LeBron is right now, focused and even too serious and unanimated about his achievements.

However this couldn’t be a blog if there was no ranting going on. I wonder what was the point of Nike? I mean LeBron is very collected, and even thought he is just 24, he still very collected and not making passionate remarks, so why portray him as inmatture? Maybe is like the relationship between Penny Hardaway and Lil’ Penny which was a more wilder version of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.Comment if you find this commercial funny 🙂

Basketball Jones — refound love


I havent been blogging much beside technology, however I would like to give an update on non-tech related news. Recently I have been in a mission to loose some weight and do more activity specially wiht my passion for basketball and I have been going to play basketball with Lalo, my high school friend.However last week, I injured myself by twisting my ankle and was unable to walk or almost 4 days. The injury was serious since I jump high for a rebound and then my 110ish kilograms fell on my twisted ankle making it really painful and sending me to rest for almost a month.Well, I am just on week 2 right now and even if I can walk almost normal i still feel pains and I still see my ankle swollen so i think I still will be resting for at least 1 more week.To be honest the resting time has been a bit stressing and even if I escape a couple of times to the cafe shop or got some visits from my friends I still spend most of my time in my room and it sucked.The bright side of all this if there is any is that I have had time to watch the NBA Playoffs which have been great. Awesome games and awesome plays have been in game after game almost everyday and really cool stuff that I have been able to watch.First series has been Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers who pretty much smashed the Detroit Pistons 4 games to 0 after really four amazing games where Lebron has at least had 2 great dunks per game.Another series that probably has been the more amazing is the current champions Boston Celtics versus the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have surprised everyone and have really done an amazing effort to make this series really competitive.Two other series on the east has been kind of like a surprised too with Magics and Heat being the favorites having upsets by the 76ers on Orlando and the Atlanta Hawks on Miami.The west has been also very competitive but we knew already that and homecourt weights a ton. however some teams have been able to diminish others way easier than expected. Specially on the case of the Spurs versus the Mavs and the Hornets versus Denver Nuggets.Lakers and Jazz has been very predictable on the opposite almost like Hornets and Denver they diminished them and has been a total control by the Lakers who are favorites to earn the crown in the west.So far so great, let see how it all comes out next week. I think I am hooked into basketball as much as I onced did.