Put Ctrl-v on the web

For a while I have been hoping that this feature would be implemented in Mozilla Firefox (and other browsers). Recently a widget has been widely used called the drag and drop feature. The drag and drop feature works by being able to drag a file into a upload field that changes into a box.

This work great for GUIs and interfaces that don’t tend to go full screen all the time and users are able to drag from one window (let say a file manager) into a browser (which is also not maximized). This has always been possible to be able to do from a desktop UI and even at an application level, users could activate a file on a program by dragging them into it. For example a text editor opening a file on dropping into the editor.

However a more powerful widget in my opinion is having the most well known and used keyboard shortcut. Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v, this would be a major usability enhancements to the way the web is work today.

Take for example a photo gallery application where the application ask for an image. The user will go into it’s file manager, locate the picture, copy it and then move to the browser and click on Ctrl-v.

A UX challenge would be a on how to know the user is currently on the upload field, in my opinion this will go automatically once the browser is aware of content on the clipboard.

The tab key would be able to focus out of the field if let say, there are multiple upload fields.

In the end, the browser will request the file binary from the clipboard storage (depending on the OS, this could be located on a temporary folder), and move the content into the upload.

The website will register the path to the clipboard like /home/user/tmp/.clipboard/sIALGak.png.tmp. The browser would be able to recognize the image or other binary and upload.

I submitted my idea to Mozilla input and hope there would be a response and some traction.

I added my Feature enhancement to : Bug 1087675

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