Gran Canarias Desktop Summit

Having Guadec and Akademy at the same place always seemed like a great idea and pulling it together has proved that it was indeed a great idea.As an community member I feel truly honored to be at this event and see so much forward thinking about using open source, free software and open standards to push forward society and innovate.Nobody is talking about imitating the commercial equivalent, at least when talking about technologies. Nor there is people that seems that a good idea is to keep doing what works.This is a great fertile soil ground to innovate and come up with propositions about business, development, use cases, and just share bold daring opinions.Yet everyday is a party and having creative juices all over can lead to maybe some exhaustion and just take the night off to sleep. However the way things have been advancing I really wish we could make more of this events with more inclusiveness.The event has been great and the people I have meet has been outstanding. To be honest I knew some of these people before, they are fun, easy to talk to and very very geeky.I enjoyed having them around again and sharing experiences on what can happened to and the general desktop. The most important points that this event has raised so far is the Semantic applications and the social desktop.Gnome people on the other side were more concern with Gnome 3.0 and more underlining technology like Freedesktop and GnomeShell. Media applications and just having a more appealing desktop experience. Not saying that they weren’t embrassing innovation, but much on a different fashion.